ImageCooking on Christmas Eve is exciting. Yes you read it right, exciting. It brings back so many wonderful memories. Italians and most Italian Americans celebrate the Feast of the seven fish. The following are some of the fish we consume. They are seasoned according to the region your family comes from, but they are all delicious.

Baccala(salt cod) with pasta, as a salad or fried, Cod fish balls in tomato sauce, Deep fried cod, Deep fired shrimp, Deep fried scallops, Insalata di mare (seafood salad), Linguine with anchovy, with crab, lobster or crab sauce. Marinated or fired eel. Scungilli salad, Stuffed calamari or fired Calamari. The fish can be any of your favorites. There is spaghetti, and vegetables and of course delicious crusty Italian bread. My favorite of course is the desserts. There is nothing like a home made Zeppola.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas Eve, and get excited about cooking. What ever your tradition is make it special, the best thing you can put on the table is Love. Merry Christmas all. 


ImageChristmas for me is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is also a time that brings back memories. As I sit here in front of my computer wonderful thoughts fill my head and heart. My mother is the first person I think of. She has been gone for many years, but not forgotten. She cooked and baked for days before the holiday. In between she cared for six children and my father. Her smile and a hug was always there when you needed it. Her giving ways to others made her special. If someone needed help she was there beside them, doing what ever she could. We were poor and money was tight but she always made Christmas a magical time for us. I can still smell the scent from the baking of cookies, bread and whatever else she was preparing. The scent of pine from the Christmas tree permeated the house along with the smell of the oranges and tangerines. The big pot of gravy loaded with meatballs and sausage sat on the stove. We all would dip Italian bread in the pot to do a taste test for her, as she prepared the dough for the pasta, and mixed the cheese for the stuffing of the ravioli or the manicotti. Tins of cookies were set on the kitchen table for friends and neighbors. I took it all for granted but will never forget. Merry Christmas Mom.




By Patricia Salamone

Littlest angel ever so near

my heart is weeping, can you hear.

I held you in my arms

and felt your breath upon my cheek,

I gently kissed your face, you were just so weak.

Your little hand held mine, your face was so divine,

 I looked into your eyes, you looked back into mine.

 As your life ebbed away and the night turned to day I held you close to me,

you reached your tiny hand up and touched me with a sigh,

you smiled a little smile for me as if to say goodbye.

Littlest angel ever so near my heart is weeping, can you hear.