Enjoying the Christmas holiday and the New Year was wonderful, and then came January 2nd.

The weather has been crazy. Florida is usually mild with cool to warm temperatures. This year it has been cold. I have used the heat most of the month. We have had downpours of rain, and apparently there was a spot near the chimney on our roof that was in need of repair, however were not aware of it. One night rain pouring down water seeped into the attic and down into the living room, and I don’t mean a few drops. It was more like a gentile waterfall. We had to disconnect the electronic equipment, including the cable and TV. We called the roofers but there was nothing they could do at the time. Mother Nature was reeking havoc in our home. Finally a semi-sunny day. The roofers showed up. The news was not good. Rotted areas around the chimney which would require repair to the tune of almost $2000.00. What choice did we have. The work began and went on for three days. Finally the roof was complete and now we could start on the interior of the house.

My husband and his brother started ripping down the walls and pulling out the soaked insulation. What a mess! It took more than half a day. I originally thought the sheetrock and what ever else was needed to be repaired would be totally finished in one day. HA!

Between the ripping down and cleaning up the wet soggy sheetrock and insulation the men were exhausted. Mind you my brother-in-law was in Florida on vacation :o). He probably could have had more fun at home. ( Thank you Charlie, love you.) Getting back to my little story. After the clean up everything had to be dried. The fans were hooked up facing the area and in a little more than 24 hours things were dry. The new sheetrock was purchased and the men started repairing the wall. It took just about all day to put the wall back and the men were beat. We all took a break and the four of us went out to dinner, after all it was our wedding anniversary. Mother Nature has no concept of gift giving. My brother-in-law and his wife left to visit their son who also lives in Florida. My husband assured his brother he could finish the rest himself. I on the other hand did not realize that there had to be taping and sanding done. I thought, great one more day and my living room will be back to normal. I did not know about the three coats of plaster or what ever that stuff is called and all the sanding after each coat. Nor did I know each coat takes 24 hours to dry. I also did not realize that I would now have to wipe all that dust off of every single thing down stairs. I looked around and it hit me. All the books, the shelves, the knickknacks, the framed photos, that dust has settled on every single thing. We are now to the point of ready for painting. I have decided to wait until everything is completed and then I will tackle the dust. I did cover the sofa and club chairs and have been wiping down the counters and dining table, but it is just a quick fix for now. My husband tells me it will be a few more days before the job is complete and then I can get cleaning. A few more days will bring us to the end of the first month of the New Year. I hope I can get the house back to normal before the 30th because we have to attend grandparents day at my granddaughters school. We will spend the last day of the month at my daughter’s house enjoying our family and not worrying about the dust.



  1. I had to smile through your post not because I was happy you went through all that, but at how we can probably all relate. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and always love hearing how you’re doing. NOTE: I saw this before and hoped to comment but didn’t realize until now that all I needed to do was to click the follow to the right. Love you.


  2. Oh my, I didn’t want to click “like” after all you have been through, but decided that I do “like” the fact that you are hanging in there, and taking the time to record your thoughts. You are in my prayers!


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