Angel Dear


Littlest angel ever so near,

my heart is weeping, can you hear.

I held you in my arms

and felt your breath upon my cheek,

I gently kissed your face you were just so weak.

Your little hand held mine,

your face was so divine,

I looked into your eyes,

you looked back into mine.

As your life ebbed away and the night

turned to day I held you close to me,

you reached your tiny hand up and

touched me with a sigh, you smiled

a little smile for me as if to say goodbye.

Littlest angel ever so near

my heart is weeping, can you hear.

3 thoughts on “Angel Dear

  1. Dear Pat, to lose a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent, and your poem wrings my heart.

    Intensely personal though it is, ‘Angel Dear’ is universal too, because the bond of love between a parent and child is the most special thing in the world. It does us good to be reminded of this and appreciate afresh how very precious our children are. Your poem is one to restore perspective and reaffirm the primacy of cherishing our children.

    Sad, beautiful, ‘Angel Dear’ is an unforgettable, heartfelt poem, and I hope it will be read by parents everywhere.




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