How Grand Children Can Throw You Under The Bus

When my grand daughter was about three she was staying with us for a few days. Easter was that Sunday. My daughter and son-in-law were coming up on Sunday to spend Easter with us and they would then take my grand daughter home. It was a great time for us, Michaella brings us such joy.

I was singing the song Peter Cotton Tail to her each day hoping that she would learn it before her mom and dad arrived. I sang the song over and over, and made her repeat it each time.  On Saturday I started singing It again, she said. “Nonna, stop singing that song all the time, your aggravating me.

“But I want you to remember it so you can sing it to your mommy and daddy tomorrow.”

“I remember it. I can sing it, so no more singing.”

“OK.” I promised. Sunday arrived along with my daughter and her husband. Michaella came running down the stairs to greet her parents. “I am looking for eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in Nonna’s house.” she said with a big smile. She kissed and hugged her parents and off she went. After the egg hunt and the opening of the Easter basket I started to put the dinner on the table. Michaella was showing her parents all of her goodies. We were all chatting away and I said. “I taught Michaella a song this week.”

“You did?.” my daughter replied.

“Yes and she is going to sing it for you.”

“Do you still remember the song sweetheart?” I asked my grand daughter.

“Yes Nonna, you sang it a thousand times.” We all laughed.

“Sing it for daddy and mommy,” my daughter said.

This is how it went.

“Here comes Peter Cockin Tail hopping down the bunny trail.”

“WHAT did you say,” my daughter said with a shocked look on her face. My grand daughter stopped and looked at her mother and said. “Nonna taught me the song about the Easter Bunny Peter Cockin Tail.”

Needless to say we all laughed until tears streamed our faces. When I corrected her and said, “no it’s COT TON tail.”

“No you told me Cockin Tail.” was her reply.

The moral of this story is; Be very careful how you pronounce your words to a three year old.


6 thoughts on “How Grand Children Can Throw You Under The Bus

  1. Hi Pat, what a delightful and amusing story. Michaella sounds adorable, with remarkable speech for a three year old! Our grandchildren light our lives, don’t they? My wife and I have six – two grandsons, four granddaughters – ranging from three years of age up to nearly twenty-two, each adorable in their own way. And we regularly look after the younger ones whilst their parents are at work, something we find most rewarding – though quite exhausting too!

    This evening we’ll be hosting a big family dinner with grandchildren and Easter eggs everywhere – great fun. Of course, I’ll probably get told off as usual for getting the children too excited! I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your family too.




  2. Thank you Paul. We do have seven grand children of which six live in New York. Michaella is the only one that lives here in Florida However my daughter will be giving birth to another little girl at the end of June which will make number eight, and Michaella is very excited about becoming a big sister.

    How lucky you are to have all of your grand children living near you. I agree with you, they do light up our lives. I can hear the joy in your words as I read your comment and see a mental picture of you with them gathered around you at Easter.

    Happy Easter to you and all of your family.


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