A quiet man but very wise, hair like silver and gray blue eyes.

His stature small but very strong, he taught us all right from wrong.

He labored hard throughout the years, this quiet man shed so few tears.

Through all the hard times he stood tall, working and teaching and loving us all.

He taught us to hold our heads up high and do our very best, to think for ourselves not follow the rest.

He never complained that his life was tough, he never complained about not having enough.

He made me feel safe and happy and free, he made me feel I’d be all I could be.

If I could just see him one more time, I’d say “Dad you did great we all turned out fine.”

13 thoughts on “MY DAD THE BEST EVER!!!

  1. Dear Pat, what a wonderful tribute to your dad. He was clearly a very special man, small in stature maybe but a tower of strength to the family he loved so well, a truly dedicated dad.

    Your every line brings a lump to my throat because he sounds so similar to my own dad, who passed away two years ago. I recognise that quiet pride and work ethic, the moral certainty and high ideals. Recognise, also, the happiness, confidence and sense of security he bestowed.

    Dear Pat, how lucky we both have been.

    Have a lovely Sunday.


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  2. I have to tell you this Sorella, the man I saw last week looks exactly like your dad. I was seeing him from the perspective of a child’s view.

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      • You never forget them Sorella. Tell me, was your dad always making things, something small and selling them. He could talk the head off a horse. I just have a little vision about things here and I hear this man saying, ‘I know, I know…’ holding his hand up then shaking his head.


      • Actually he was quiet, except when he had a few drinks, not a drunk or anything, just social. Then he was the life of the party. Yes he was always making, but we (the kids) used to try to sell them, :o). The waving and the I know, I know was him to a tee. My brother had the same trait. Miss them. Thanks Fratello. :o)

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  3. Good morning,

    I just read your poem, and I love it. It reminds me so much of my own father. He was also a man of few words, but whatever he said had meaning. I was fortunate enough to have him around for some time before he died and in those last years that he was alive, I looked to him for guidance because i wanted to know his opinion.

    Most important of all was my Dad’s prayers. He believed that when he prayed things happened and that was really so. He wasn’t afraid of a challenge and hard work never scared him. And I am thankful that that part of his character is instilled in me.

    Thank you for sharing your tribute. It made me think about some of the memories that I have of my dad in my treasure trove.


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    • Thank you Pat for your kind words. Our fathers are such strong influences in our lives, I did not realize that until he was gone. I know
      that he is around me still, but I sure wish I could give him a hug right now. I hear so many complaints about dads, it’s refreshing
      to hear your words, and I am sure your wonderful dad’s essence follows you always.

      Patricia :o)

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  4. Oh, Patricia, your father’s handsome photograph together with your beautiful words, brought him to ‘life’ for me. Strong and stocky, responsible for many. A man of heavy toil who loved his family more than any. How lucky you were, Patricia, to have him. Never enough time, but oh, what a treasured gift he was! Thank you for sharing.

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