In The Autumn Of My Life

Here it is, Autumn has officially arrived. I have been thinking what I like about autumn, but not the weather. I have been thinking about life.  Of course life can be like the weather, constantly changing.

When we were young and raising our family physical love played a big part of romance. The little smile, was a signal the soft caress another signal. A certain touch, and the list goes on. Romance had a different meaning and as time went on it was taken for granted. Married couples do not agree about everything all the time and that can put the kibosh on romance and other things over time. Raising children is the hardest job parents can do. We strive to do it well. Needless to say we all make mistakes along the way. Children do not come with a set of instructions. I found that love, discipline, honesty, morality and humility were an important part of raising children. Fortunately we were blessed with three beautiful, wonderful children that all turned out to be happy, productive adults. They all have beautiful families and are great parents. Where then after years of rearing our family does that leave me. At the age of 71 romance does not appear in the same way it did fifty years ago. We don’t jump each other’s bones on a whim. Basically because we might break a bone. Our signals remain the same, a little smile, a certain touch, a soft caress. These things have become a part of our relationship. We have traveled the road and mountain of marriage. It had steep hills and deep valley’s, forks in the path and boulder’s to conquer. Now the road is smoother and as we walk down our path this autumn I notice that we still hold hands and the warmth that it sends through me is the same warmth I felt all those years ago, so I celebrate autumn, not just the changing of the season, but the harvest of our love.