Do you have a best friend that you know for almost 50 years? I do and believe me it is a great feeling. We met in our twenties. We were both married and Arlene had a beautiful baby daughter, I did not have children at the time.  We met at a make-up party being held at a mutual friend’s home. We were there only because our husbands were friends with the hostess’s husband.  She (the hostess, I’ll call her Joy) was a overbearing pompous ass, and full of herself. Arlene and I started chatting and left the party as soon as we could. We did not wear that much make-up anyway.  Joy on the other hand probably had to shovel it off at night.  From that night on we were like salt and pepper.

We were young, married and did not have much money, but as our friendship grew we discovered that we both had very vivid imaginations. The following story is about one of our bright idea’s.

The year was 1967 ( I think) or there about. Arlene and I had seen on television that if you took a small paperback book and folded each page in half and then opened it and stapled the back together, added cut out wings, a Styrofoam head, some yarn for the hair, eyes, nose and little red lips, painted it gold or silver, wa-la you had yourself an angel. We started in October collecting the books. We collected a popular book that was published monthly. We asked everyone we knew and some people that we didn’t know for the books. We were going to make Angels and sell them door to door to make extra money for Christmas. Our husbands told us we were nuts, but we were determined. They used to laugh at our scheme’s and call us Lucy and Ethel.

We worked day and night folding all the books that we accumulated about 40 or 50. Finally we were finished. We purchased little round Styrofoam balls and made the faces. We cut wings out of construction paper. The only thing left to do was to spray paint the angels. We attached the wings and started to spray paint them. We decided to paint them in Maggie’s cellar. There was a small room that used to be the coal bin years ago and we chose that room to paint. We didn’t want to get overspray all over. We sprayed for hours. However we did not realize we could get high on the fumes. We had finished about thirty angels. The heads were attached to long pipe cleaners and put on the top of each angel. They looked great. We were going to sell them after dinner. It was now the end of November and Christmas was coming fast. We decided to sell in Arlene’s neighborhood. Off we went. We started about 7:00pm. It was freezing outside so we bundled up. We went door to door ringing bells and giving our spiel about how the angels would make a perfect Christmas gift. It was only $5.00.  At almost 8:30pm we had not sold one angel. We were freezing, the wind was blowing Arlene had to pee. We decided to go to one more house and call it a night. We climbed the steps, at the top was a large concrete patio.  It was our last hope. We rang the bell. Eureka, a woman answered the door. I did the talking as I held the angel out so she could see it. After I gave my little speech she smiled and said as she reached for it ” Oh, let me see it.” With those words she took it by the head to hold it. We in all our rushing forgot to glue the heads on. Needless to say the head came off in her hand. Her eyes grew huge as she uttered ” Oh my.” I stood there frozen in shock. Arlene busted out laughing, out loud. Then I started laughing. The woman just stood there with the head in her hand. All of a sudden I looked down and there was a puddle growing beneath Arlene’s feet.  Yes, she laughed so hard she peed herself. The woman saw the pool beneath Arlene’s feet and I think she went into shock. I grabbed the head out of her hand and we ran down the stairs and headed to Arlene’s house, laughing all the way. I wonder to this day what that woman was thinking at that moment. We never did sell the angels.


13 thoughts on “BEST FRIENDS

  1. Pat, you certainly tell a rattling good tale. I feel I’m listening to you rather than reading you. So vividly and humorously do you come over, it’s amazing to think the events happened nearly half-a-century ago. The finale is classic!

    How wonderful that you and “Maggie” have been best friends over the greater part of your lives – so many good laughs there must have been; tears too, of course.

    A heartwarming post I feel the better for reading.

    My very best,


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  2. Dear Paul you honor me by saying that you feel you are listening to me rather than reading my memory. You couldn’t have said anything nicer to me. It is what I strive for. I love to think that you and any one else that reads my tales feel like I am there telling them about my adventure. Thank you and glad that you enjoyed it. I am sure you have many little tales to tell that would make everyone laugh. Your poetry is wonderful and I so enjoy reading it and your stories.

    With fond regards


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    • What a pleasant suprise for me. Thank you I appreciate all of my followers and will visit your blog this evening. Looking forward to reading your post’s.
      At my age (71, but don’t tell anyone :o).) A snese of humor is important, it shows that your mind is still sharp, even though the rest of you has retired.

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  3. I love this story! I bet she had her porch power washed the next day! And the vision of her holding a decapitated head; priceless!
    My cousin (as well as a best friend) and I once peed our pants at a Laundromat. We overflowed a washer with suds and like your friend, laughed so hard we peed our pants. It’s in my post ‘walk on the Wet Side’ in Chapter 13.

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