A Thought for the Holiday’s By: Patriicia Kruck Salamone


They go by air and by sea to a foreign land

The heat and the dust burns their skin

They go not to fight but to lend a hand

In their hearts they carry freedom on their shoulders

They carry weapons in their eyes you can see honor

They leave behind their wives, husbands, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,

Aunts, uncles, cousins, girlfriends, boyfriends, the safety of their home, their jobs, home

cooked meals, holidays with their family and friends, seeing the birth of their children.

They follow in the foot steps of their ancestors before them, many will not return, but

they will persevere and in the end their honor and bravery, and the freedom they carry in

their hearts will rise up. The ones that have gone before them and have not returned are

there beside them shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart reminding them that freedom is not

free. So this holiday season when you are celebrating with family and friends doing the

things you are free to do, in your heart honor the men and women who have

made that possible for you.


  1. Pat,

    November 11th: in the States you call it Veterans Day, here we call it Remembrance Day; but on both sides of the Atlantic, what a very proud day it is.

    Your poem ‘Freedom’ is a touching tribute to all those brave men and women we owe our security and freedom to, so many of whom never make it home.

    My personal tribute to the fallen of the First and Second World Wars, and later conflicts, is a story entitled ‘The Brave’, which, as Flash Fiction Editor, I published on Blaze Blog (the blog serving members of BLAZE, a mid-Cheshire stanza of the Poetry Society UK).

    On Remembrance Sunday, November 9th, I attended an evening of poetry and song in Chester, celebrating poets of the First World War, a truly moving and memorable event, poppies adorning every lapel.

    As Laurence Binyon wrote:

    “At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We shall remember them…”

    My very best to you, always,



  2. Thank you Paul. A poet I am not, but I do feel strongly about freedom and honor. My words are not eloquent but I think they paint a clear picture.
    I have had the pleasure of viewing the poppies on Remembrance Day for all of your hero’s that have served. Although it was only on the internet it was a breath-taking and heart warming scene. The thought of being there in person must be overwhelming. I would probably cry throughout the whole ceremony.
    I am also going to search for your poem “The Brave,” Being written by you I am sure it will touch my heart and soul.

    Best to you too.


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