I am trying to age gracefully. This is not an easy task. Ten years starts to make a big difference as you age. Mother Nature is not kind. No only do you start to get physical ailments, but now I heard that your nose and earlobes keep growing as you age. I could not believe it, but it is true according to the medical profession. It’s not bad enough everything starts to sag from head to toe, now I have my biggest fear. Growing a big honker and huge earlobes, that are big to begin with. I compared these two photos that were taken about ten years apart. It’s true, I mean look at the size of my nose, the sagging of everything. Don’t say lose weight because I did that and the skin sags worse than if you are heavy. Your skin also gets thinner as you age. Did you know that? Your feet turn into a ugly stub. Even if you get a pedicure every few weeks. They are not the same feet I knew ten years ago. I am seriously thinking about taking down the mirrors and just leaving the bathroom one up. Your skin gets that crinkled up tone and no matter how much cream you smear on it by mid-day it’s back. Of course the dark spots are another thing all together. Don’t try to get rid of them. They multiply faster than rabbits. The mole with the hair growing out of it has not arrived yet but I am expecting it any time now.

Skin care products are advertised constantly on TV to make your wrinkles almost disappear, but did any one ever notice that the models they use for these commercials are about 17 years old. I have yet to see a woman my age (72) or older on one of these commercials. I know there is always plastic surgery, but that only lasts for about 5-7 years and if you happen to get a surgeon that is not that good you might be worse off than when you started. And, what are you suppose to do with the body flesh that will be hanging there.  I might get the face of a 50 year old, but what do I do with all that flesh. Of course I could always wear long sleeves a turtle neck and jeans, but your hands will give you away regardless.

Time will get us no matter what we do to try and stop it, and that goes for the men as well. It might take a little longer for them but take notice of the 85 year old men. They shrink and have honkers and big ears.

Happy Halloween all. :o)

9 thoughts on “A FEW WORDS ON AGING

  1. Oh this is fun. When we’re younger we didn’t think it would happen to us. Yep it will…can’t turn back the clock. I used to be good at exercising then slacked off about a year ago, but recently after my prayers I drink a glass of water and ride my bike that sits between my desk and my bed. We’ll never be young again, cept in Heaven, but for now even the little things help us to feel just a bit better.

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  2. Hi,
    I am smiling at this one, but to put in a serious word, I believe creams and whatever else that the cosmetic industry invents doesn’t stop us from getting older. What we need is a good healthy mindset that sees age as an asset instead of a liability, and we need to start looking up to the Creator of us all with gratitude that we are allowed to grow a day older each day. People in the Western World have gotten so hooked on being sixteen that we have forgotten the precious wisdom gained by maturing. And with that you can tell where my point of view lies. I don’t wear makeup. I do wash my face with a simple cleanser, use a simple tonic, and a very simple face cream that I buy from my local drug store here in my village. But they probably cost about 8 euros altogether.

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  3. Thanks for stopping by Patti, I am happy my post made you smile. It just struck me funny when I found out that my nose and ears were still growing. I too wear very little makeup. Just eyebrow pencil and occasionally lip gloss. I am grateful to be the age that I am. My granddaughter advised me that I could go to heaven when I am 110 and not before. Imagine the size of my nose and ears by then. I love that kid. :o)

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  4. Oh dear, Pat, that must be the scariest Halloween story ever! And I’m only four years behind you…

    Actually, my Halloween this year was frightening in a very real way. I suffered a “funny turn” whilst driving that wasn’t funny at all; I wondered whether my time had come. Maureen called an ambulance and I was rushed into A&E. I’ll not go into the medical stuff; suffice to say that, from paramedics to consultants, I received the most wonderful care from all. Thank goodness for our great British institution, the National Health Service. And thank goodness for my precious Maureen, who spent every moment she could at my side, holding my hand, over that traumatic weekend.

    It turned out I was suffering a condition I didn’t know I had, but that is under control now with medication from my GP.

    Pat, in your very soul you are beautiful and always will be, never doubt it.

    Fondest regards,


    (PS: Sorry about my long silence. Your posts haven’t been coming through to me via my subscription.)

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  5. Well hellooooo Paul. I thought you just got tired of my humor :o).
    So happy to hear from you once more. I knew you were busy with your poetry and your new love Maureen, and just chalked it up to happiness. Sorry to hear about your health problem, but thank goodness it is under control and all is well.
    I don’t know why you were not getting notified when I posted, but I have been having trouble with LinkedIn the same way. I hope our Tech bubble is not going to burst. Imagine the ciaos that would cause.
    Thank you for the compliment about my beauty, I truly appreciated it. Please know that I was just trying to make light of aging. I am truly grateful for my age and really do not worry about the process. I am just so grateful to be alive and well. I try to find as much humor in life as possible. I love to laugh and try to spread it around.
    Please do keep in touch. We will be celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday soon and then of course Christmas will be upon us before we know it. If I don’t hear from you please know I wish you and Maureen a wonderful, joyous holiday together.

    With Warmest Regards,



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