The winds out doors are blowing colder. The leaves are bursting with color. Winter will soon make it’s appearance.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can feel the hustle and bustle in the air.

Time is slipping bye so quickly, and the little one’s are growing up just as fast.

Memories flood my mind of Thanksgiving’s past. I can see my mom in the kitchen baking pies, cookies and bread, she is preparing for the feast to come. She works tirelessly as we sample all of her offerings. The fresh turkey is in the refrigerator along with the artichokes that she will stuff and cook. Thanksgiving is just a day away and she is singing as she bakes and cooks. I am one of six children. Five girls and one boy. My sister’s and I will be given little jobs to do as the time ticks away. My oldest sister Arlene will help make the tray of lasagna. I will help peel potatoes along with my sister Diana. There will be corn to shuck and green beans to clean. Peas and carrots to prepare. Mom will make fried Cauliflower, one of our favorites. There will also be Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli and of course the Ante’ Paste will start the meal off. Yes, you are right my mom was Italian. However there will also be apple and pumpkin pie along with the Italian cheese cake and the cookies, pastries, fruit and roasted chestnuts, of course I shouldn’t forget the Cranberry Sauce and turkey gravy.

My mother would work well into the night and then rise before dawn to stuff the Turkey and Artichokes and get them started cooking. By the time we were all awake the Cauliflower was fried the Lasagna was sitting on the counter waiting it’s turn to be heated the vegetables were all in pots ready to be cooked. The baked goods were sitting atop the shelf of the stove and the Ante’ Paste was ready and looked delicious. My two older sister’s and I helped with getting our two younger sisters fed and dressed while our brother watched cartoons on the TV, and my dad? Well, he was reading the news paper at the kitchen table. After breakfast we would set the table for mom. The smell that wafted throughout our home was amazing. It was like drinking an aperitif, it made you hungry.

It was almost time for my dad to go pick up Tommy and Johnny from the Boy’s Home. They spent all the holiday’s with us for quite a few years. They also spent a few weeks with us in the summer. My parents wanted to adopt them, but they both had parents and could not be adopted. They wanted to be adopted by my parents too. We had such fun with them, they were good boys, and we all loved them. By the time we returned with the boys everything was ready. My sisters and I helped my mom put the food on the table. Our neighbor upstairs had arrived, he had never married and my parents always invited him for holiday meals. We all sat down and gave thanks for our blessings.

The feast had begun and it was wonderful. We started eating about noon time and did not finish until after dark. Friends, neighbors and relatives would stop by throughout the day and celebrate with us. Lord knows there was plenty of food for all.

As I sit here and type this I can almost here the record player and the laughing of the children. Visions of a time gone by that fill me with joy.

May all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and fill you with wonderful memories. :o)

6 thoughts on “GIVING THANKS

  1. Patricia, By sharing this wonderful glimpse into your Thanksgiving experience and HOME, I’m reminded that at times I was that child without a fixed home for a while. I stayed with a little old Italian lady for a short time while my parents were sorting out their marriage.

    I was little, but i remember those half-moon cookies she made and “a littla wine for your stomach”, she said. “Don’t tella yo mamma.” So I didn’t. Ha! Ha!

    Pat, Thanks for your comment on my “A Pumpkin Tail”. I did win first place in the contest. Blessings, Don

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    • Congratulations Don!! I knew you would win.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing my memories. I am happy that your experience with a little old Italian lady is a good memory for you I hope that Tommy and John remember us with the same fondness. Blessings to you too. :o)


  2. I felt like I was there… So warm and cozy. Reminded me of another thanksgiving, my favorite one. We had nowhere else to go and we were invited to spend it with you and your family. Even today one of the first things I think of if thanksgiving should come up is you and your lovely family🍷

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    • Love you and your family. We had so many great times together. You and Jack are such dear friends along with your beautiful family. Any time you want to do it again would be great. I know you are so busy with your beautiful grandchildren, but we will someday all be together again. Love you all.


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