Cowboys, Astronauts, Ghosts and more
Will come a nocking at your door
The treat bowl is waiting full to the brim
You leave the door open they can come right in
Your voice is heard telling them all
The treats are on the table in the hall
Little goblins scurry to claim the sweets
Waiting for them a big bowl of treats
All inside now and the door slams shut
He appears from nowhere with the axe in his hand
He is enormous in size with blood on his face
The goblins are silent the laughter has stopped
Replaced with fear, and frozen in place
The axe held high above their heads
Comes down with a whoosh right toward their face
The goblins start screaming and turning to run
Then the enormous man opens his mouth and speaks
“Happy Halloween kids, help yourself there’s plenty more,
just let me go and open the door, the wind slammed it shut”.

Smorgasbord Autumn Reading – The Italian Thing by Patricia Salamone

a trip to Sicily with Patricia Salamone as she shares her adventures during her exploration of her heritage in The Italian Thing. About the book Join me in my hilarious recount of how I explo…

Source: Smorgasbord Autumn Reading – The Italian Thing by Patricia Salamone


The forest black, cold, frightening looms before me. My heart pounding, shaking fear is all I can feel. Frightful noises all around me, crackling branches thump as they hit the ground.
I want to step forward to see what I can see. I can not move, every fiber is frozen. I want to cry out help me please help me, my voice will not respond. I want to hang on to a branch to steady my shaking legs but my hand will not reach up. My throat dry the words stuck.
Suddenly I hear a voice calling my name in the distance. Again I hear the voice this time stronger still. It gives me courage. I will go to it, what is it saying? It is my savior, it is my helping hand. I find my strength, my feet start to move, my feet feel the ground beneath them now. The voice is clear now. The fear is gone. I am not lost.
It is my mom’s voice, she is calling me in from the garden, it’s time for lunch.

Suprisingly I found this it is from my elementary school days. I think it was from fourth or fifth grade. I changed a couple of the words but the rest is original.