It is 1:26a.m. and it is Thanksgiving day.

I want to thank all of my followers, readers, and commenters. You have made this year a good one for me hear on Word Press and I appreciate your visits and your kind and enlightening comments. I have met many new people and I am grateful for all of you. As we give thanks today you will all be in my thoughts.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and much success. Enjoy your day and be safe if you are traveling. I will continue to look for your posts and enjoy your offerings. Have a great day and don’t eat too much. :o)


I have much to be thankful for when Thanksgiving rolls around each year.

When I was a child I was thankful for having no school for a few days, for all of the delicious food my mom would be serving and the wonderful deserts. Our family always started out with stuffed artichokes, lasagna, meatballs, sausage and home made bread. The next course was when the turkey and all the trimmings were served. We always had family and friends at our home celebrating with us, some would come for the entire dinner others would arrive when dessert was being served and still others would pop in at any time. There was always plenty of cousins around to play with and an abundance of food to share. When we were all seated at the table along with the food, one of us would say the prayer and then each of us children had to say what we were thankful for, it varied with each of us but always included our mom and dad.

As the years passed and we married and had families of our own and extended families of our spouses, we kept the tradition going. Each year around February or March depending on date Easter would fall on my sisters and I would decide which one of us would host each holiday and we all showed up at that home along with our children.turkey

Now that our children are grown and have families of their own and some of us live in different states. I live in Florida along with my daughter and her family but, we still celebrate with the same traditions. Now days it is not at my table due to the fact that my beautiful daughter had taken the reins. My sons live in New York along with many of my other family members, others live in Nevada and California so they celebrate with their families, in-laws and friends. However we always call each other. We usually try to find out what time dinner will be served and then call at that time. My daughter does a wonderful job with keeping our family traditions going. She even invites people who will be alone and if I ask her to invite friends of mine that I know will also be alone she never refuses and we always have room for all.

This year I turned seventy three and the sands of time are flying by so much faster than then I would like. I am thankful for many things but most of all I am thankful for being able to see my grown children raising their beautiful families and for still being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and my grandchildren. I am especially thankful to my daughter Melissa for hosting the holiday’s so beautifully. Although she works a full time job as does her husband Brian and they have two beautiful girls  that are nine and two she still manages to keep the traditions that were started so many years ago intact and does it with the most beautiful smile on her face. We are truly blessed.mel-and-mich

I wish all of my family and fiends including my internet friends a very Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.



Everyone is posting about Autumn. Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year for most states. However here in Florida and for some of the Southern states it’s a bit different weather wise. The trees do lose their leaves but they do not get baron, the grass grows a little slower and the landscaping companies only come every two weeks instead of every week. The temperature does get cooler and at times a light jacket or sweater is required, unless you are a Snow Bird then you will still be wearing a tee shirt, shorts and sandals. We do celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just like the rest of the country except each family will do it in their own way.
I believe that the four seasons are imbedded in your heart and soul, depending on where and how you were raised. I see a change when Autumn arrives. I see brown leaves gathering on the ground and feel Mother Nature’s breath in the air. I see a few yellow leaves on the trees and the tips of the palm trees leaves turn slightly brown. I have been programed for Autumn and no matter where I live I will always welcome it.

The restaurants will be filled to capacity all through the season and the Snow Birds will be relaxing on the beaches but most of the locals will not take to the ocean or the pools for that matter because it will be too cold for us. We will however still barbeque and enjoy the out doors. We will all welcome Autumn and wait patiently for the Winter to follow.