Everyone is posting about Autumn. Autumn is a gorgeous time of the year for most states. However here in Florida and for some of the Southern states it’s a bit different weather wise. The trees do lose their leaves but they do not get baron, the grass grows a little slower and the landscaping companies only come every two weeks instead of every week. The temperature does get cooler and at times a light jacket or sweater is required, unless you are a Snow Bird then you will still be wearing a tee shirt, shorts and sandals. We do celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just like the rest of the country except each family will do it in their own way.
I believe that the four seasons are imbedded in your heart and soul, depending on where and how you were raised. I see a change when Autumn arrives. I see brown leaves gathering on the ground and feel Mother Nature’s breath in the air. I see a few yellow leaves on the trees and the tips of the palm trees leaves turn slightly brown. I have been programed for Autumn and no matter where I live I will always welcome it.

The restaurants will be filled to capacity all through the season and the Snow Birds will be relaxing on the beaches but most of the locals will not take to the ocean or the pools for that matter because it will be too cold for us. We will however still barbeque and enjoy the out doors. We will all welcome Autumn and wait patiently for the Winter to follow.

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  1. You summed up a Florida fall to a tee! I especially related to these lines: “The landscaping companies only come every two weeks instead of every week.” We just moved into a community where the homeowners wants their property ship-shape. Now the sounds of mowers and weed-whackers at my writing desk happens less often. I hope they disappear completely around Christmas. 🙂

    Yes, I too love the rhythm of the seasons. Lovely, reflective post!

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  2. Nice post :”.. four seasons imbedded in your heart…”. Yes, and I remember feeling I was missing something when I was living in what felt like a two season Argentina. Anyway, autumn here in Rome is always a bit of a wishy-washy version of what I remember from other childhood countries.

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  3. Where I grew up, we have all of the seasons…fall colors, snowy winters…& I’ve always wondered about how those that live in other parts of the country viewed not having snow during winter or at Christmas.
    I love the beautiful changes throughout the year, but I’ll trade winters any day! 🙂 Enjoyable read 🙂

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  4. … whilst an ocean away, here in North Wales, we’re pulling on our winter woollies before going out to wade through the deep drifts of fallen leaf, our balmy autumn weather having fled before the arrival of chilly November, with icy fingers to probe our collars and scarves.

    Gone is the wistful essence of woodsmoke, so characteristic of late-autumn, a real wintry sharpness in the air now, our skies mostly grey, and brollies a wise precaution outdoors.

    Guy Fawkes Night, November 5th, was so bitter that Maureen and I decided against venturing out to an organised bonfire, preferring to view the spectacle of rockets bursting high over the ancient forest of Wepre from the comfort of our sitting room window.

    Aye, but each of the four seasons has its own character and beauty, and glory in each we do.

    A most enjoyable post, Pat. So interesting to contrast your Florida autumn with our own. Will you be out to a barbecue tonight?

    Fond regards,


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  5. Lovely to read about your Autumn giving way to Winter. The leaves and crisp air now surrendering to the bitter cold. Still you will be warm and cozy in your cottage, sitting by the warmth of the fire? You can enjoy watching the festivities from your little haven.
    Across the pond I sit watching the fire flicker in my fireplace. What? You ask. Yes it’s true, I do have a fireplace, it is electric but throws no heat unless I push the button on the remote to turn on the blower. That will not happen until January, February or March if needed, but the fire place will light up my holiday’s regardless of the temperature outside. If it is really warm we just turn the thermostat a little lower but the fire will still be crackling away.

    Now on to the barbecuing. I don’t barbeque any more, I leave that up to my children, I just enjoy the fruits of their labor now as I play with my grandchildren and smile as they drive their parents crazy.

    Winter will rear it’s frosty breath at us too, it gets as cold as 39o some mornings here in sunny Florida but by noon it always heats up to about 65o, which is still cold to us. Stop laughing…..that’s when we put the heat on. Yes we do have heat to warm our homes. The fact that we only use it at most for maybe three weeks of the year doesn’t matter, it’s there, but regardless of the temperature the sun shines almost every day.
    It’s nice to have a delicious dinner by the sea in December, January, February, and March. We even have entertainment, as we watch all the Snow Birds swimming in the cold Atlantic Ocean and walking around in shorts, tee shirts and sandals as we sit there in our long legged jeans and maybe even wearing a jumper and definitely wearing socks and sneakers.

    Happy Autumn from your friend across the pond that lives by the Sea. ” By the Sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea”. Love that song. :o)

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    • Always great to read you, Pat, and how nice it is to picture you at an autumn barbecue, playing with your grandchildren as they drive their parents nuts, or dining beside the winter ocean.

      Funnily enough, after a dull start, yesterday (Monday) turned bright and sunny in our corner of North Wales, on the Dee Estuary, but cold it was too, brrrrrrr, bone-achingly cold, and snow ploughs were out for the first time this year in other parts North.

      Last night was chillier still but beautiful with stars like diamonds in a mackerel sky as Maureen and I, returning from Theatre Clwyd, Mold (our base as Cross-Border Poets), stood above the small estuary town of Connah’s Quay, hugging the knowledge that the wee retirement bungalow before us would soon be our very own – yes, our new home! It was a magical moment we’ll never forget.

      Wishing you a very Happy Autumn across The Pond.

      Fond regards from Paul,

      and Maureen sends her very best too.

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  6. I have never been to Florida myself, but I have two cousins who stayed there. Over there in Germany, autumn changed dramatically than elsewhere I guessed. My Cousin told me the other day that on Halloween it was quite warm over there, where else we had freezing temperature over here. And it is rising up! Ugh!

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  7. Patricia, your look at Autumn in Florida made me think of autumn in Georgia. I like to see the four seasons also but as you have described, from the southern point of view. I love warm weather and winters that are mild and maybe a little breezy. Thank you for bringing up my memories of home.
    Shalom aleichem,

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  8. Enjoyed reading about your autumn. I found the part about ‘snow birds’ amusing…it reminded me of how around here some people are so dedicated to summer they are in shorts and sandals at the first hint of warmer weather (when it is still cool for many of us )

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  9. I suppose you do welcome Autumn differently there in Florida, Patricia. Yet, the change is still there, as you spoke of, and you can feel it in your soul.

    I have a video I’ve been working on of the changing aspens here in Colorado that we took on a little drive way back in September on the first day of fall. Can you believe, I still haven’t finished editing it. Had every intention of getting it out there. Enjoyed your lovely post, instead. Happy Autumn, my friend, and heads up for the holidays. God bless.

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  10. Thank you Pat. Yes the weather does change. The thing is it is still warm for the snow birds because they are coming from freezing weather to sixty five and seventy degrees.
    They think we are nuts for wearing long sleeves and long jeans and jackets at times. We think they are nuts because of the shorts and sandals but we get along fine. :o)

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  11. After my amazing time in Florida this year I did wonder what it would be like in Autumn and Winter – thank you so much, you’ve answered my query! Blimey, I couldn’t imagine having to don a jacket there, nor wearing socks! I love the seasons and every sunny day is just glorious with all the autumn colours – for once the leaves have stayed on the trees for weeks and providing such a beautiful display.

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  12. Thank you Annika. You would love Autumn and even Winter here. However we do get some cold days in January and February but they don’t last that long. The sun shines brightly in all seasons. I hope you get a chance to visit Florida again and if you do let me know, maybe we can get together. :o) Keep warm.

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