In the six years I spent tracking David Addley, it never occurred to me that he didn’t exist. As a private detective I considered myself top notch. Steve Hart Private Investigator with almost twenty years of experience under my belt. I knew all the ins and outs of tracking people down. I had friends at the motor vehicle department, knew people at the state records department and had a host of other means to easily find a person. However this case had me stumped. I had tried everything to locate him but it always led to a dead end.

I was furious at myself, and my self esteem was starting to dwindle. Here I was again driving to Mrs. Hardsworth to give her yet another disappointing report. The aging woman with the perfectly coiffed hair and the steely blue eyes. She lived in an old Victorian house in Scarsdale, New York. With a housekeeper/cook Gesele and a maid Evette. She did not drive but had a driver to take her where ever she desired to go.


David Addley was an old friend of Mrs. Hardsworth according to her. She met him when she was in her late twenties and they had a brief encounter as she put it and then he was gone. She never forgot him. She was willing to pay me five hundred dollars a day plus expenses. I couldn’t resist the offer.I was given very little to go on from Mrs. Hardsworth. She met David in Bath, England through a friend. He traveled back to New York with her and stayed at her apartment. David was from the U.S. but traveled extensively she told Stephen. He was about six foot tall with sandy brown hair and green eyes. According to her, he was not married at the time and looked to be about early thirty’s. David and Mrs. Hardsworth became a couple per say for a few months. According to her they had the most wonderful love affair. She woke up one morning and he was gone. She never saw or heard from him again. She knew nothing about his family, where he worked or even if he worked and never met any of his friends. She wanted to find him for personal reasons and chose me because she heard that I was very good at investigation.

I arrived promptly at seven in the evening as I did every month for the past six years. The routine was that I would report to her any and all information about David that I had acquired. It was as if he dropped off the face of the earth. I had nothing. Again.

The maid let me in and we proceeded to the lounge. The drinks were ready and Mrs. Hardsworth was sitting in her usual chair. When she saw me enter the room she said; “Hello Stephen how are you this lovely evening”?

I am fine Mrs. Hardsworth but I am afraid I still have no news about David for you. I have turned every stone and searched every record in the United States and there is nothing on Mr. Addley”.

Let’s not worry about that right now Stephen, we will discuss it after our meal. Gesele has prepared us a wonderful dinner”.

During dinner Mrs. Hardsworth thanked Stephen for all of his hard work. He apologized profusely. He handed over the file with all the information and paper work pertaining to the case. They decided that this would be the end of the quest to find David. Stephen left feeling like a failure. He made himself a promise to continue to investigate on his own.

Mrs. Hardsworth watched Stephen from her window as he drove away. She then called her maid Evette.

Evette please bring me the journal on my desk”.


Yes Mam”. Evette brought the thick book to Ms. Hardsworth.

Thank you, that will be all”.

Yes Mam”.

After Evette left the room. Mrs. Hardsworth opened the journal and started writing. Hello David, I have a very interesting story to tell you, and so she began.


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