Adell Hardsworth was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was the only child of Lily and Roland Woldum.

Adell was a beautiful child and spoiled, mostly by her father. He adored her. They lived in Scarsdale New York in a large Victorian House. They had three maids, two cooks, two chauffeurs, one butler, one Nanny, a Gardener with a small staff and a Head Housekeeper. All thanks to Roland Woldum who owned a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, like his father and his grandfather before him. The money was old and there was plenty of it. There was also the Real Estate he owned in Manhattan, a Villa in Milano, Milan, Italy, and a Manor House in Bath, England. He also had a Mistress.

Roland had set up a Living Trust for Adell the week she was born. He made sure that she would never want for anything. Her father was tall with a medium build. He had a full head of coffee brown hair and kept it cut short. He wasn’t considered handsome due to his nose which was quite bulbous unfortunately he inherited from the Woldums, but he had beautiful steel blue eyes, which Adell inherited.

Lily Markson-Woldum was quite pretty. She stood about five feet seven inches and had a slight figure. She was attractive with sandy colored hair and brown eyes. She was always pleasant but formal, didn’t have any real close lady friends, just a circle of women to keep her busy socially. Lily came from a middle class family and was also an only child. Her passion was photography, that is how she met Roland. She was doing a shoot for a local news paper at a summer social gathering in the Hamptons and he took a liking to her. His looks didn’t appeal to her but his money did. They started seeing each other and were married with in a year. Roland wanted to get married in Milan and Lily agreed but she told him they first must get married in City Hall in New York and then they could have the wedding in Italy. She wasn’t wealthy but she wasn’t at all stupid. She knew her marriage in Italy would not be recognized in the state of New York. Roland tried to talk her out of it but agreed in the end. Lily was securing her future. She had heard and read about his philandering, and was determined to have a child as quickly as possible. Ten months later Adell was born.



  1. Yes, I do like the underlying tone of this writing. A kind of look towards the empty and idle headedness of those that seek money as an end in itself. I fear for the future of Adell. Will she escape when she grows up?


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