Adell was a well traveled and educated child. She spoke several languages and when she turned twenty one started living off of the trust her father set up for her.

Her parents were killed in a car accident in Monaco just after Adells twenty first birthday. She was devastated. It took her over a year to grieve, she would travel from the house in Scarsdale to the Sutton Place apartment she now owned in Manhattan.

Slowly she started going out to dinner at Sardi’s Resturant, Tavern on the Green and several other exclusive venues.

She would call an escort service available to only the wealthy, and hire a gentleman to have dinner with her. Her requirements were that he should be a handsome, well built, intelligent young man and attentive of her the whole time he was with her.

Over the next few years she had been seen on the arm of some very attractive young men by friends of her parents but never with the same young man more than once or twice.

She had been taught by tutors and attended a private university so her social life was limited. She did make a few friends at university but never really connected with any of them.

When she wanted a break she would return to her Scarsdale home where she felt comfortable and less stressed.

All her finances were handled by the Living Trust and she never had to worry about money but she was a lonely beautiful young woman.



Adell wanted something more, something exciting to experience. She went shopping bought some jeans, tee shirts, sneakers, sandals, a few bikinis and some other clothing that she thought regular women wore. She was surprised how inexpensive they were. Adell had a plan and was preparing herself for it.

It would change her forever.

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