Adell’s first order of business was to decide where she was going. All of the familiar places that she visited were out of the question. She had to pick a place where average people visited. It also had to be far enough away where she would not be recognized. Summer was not far off and her decision must be made quickly. A list was made.


2-Use mothers maiden name Markson,

3-Get Id., drivers license, credit card,

4-Open bank account

5-Purchase a car.

Adell knew she was going to need some help with the identification so in the morning she would go to see the trustee of her estate Mr. Greenway.

She decided her adventure would take place in Bath England. Adell had not been there for many years.

The Manor House had been taken care of by staff that lived there year round. They had not seen her since she was a child. She would tell them she was a relative of her mother’s family and her name was Carol Markson. All the arrangements would be made by Mr. Greenway.

The following day Adell called Mr. Greenway and made an appointment for three pm. She also advised him it would take a couple of hours, he agreed and she thanked him and hung up. Adell arrived at three and the secretary showed her in to the office.

“Adell, hello this is a pleasant surprise, is everything alright”?

“Yes, everything is fine”. She answered as she sat down.

“I need you to do a few things for me”. After explaining what she wanted accomplished, he looked at her frowning and asked “why”?

“I don’t want anyone to know who I am, just that I am a relative on my mother’s side of the family and staying through the summer. Do not tell anyone where I am or what I am doing, understood”?

“Yes but it will take me a few days to get the identification and don’t forget you will need a passport.”

“Have the car delivered before I arrive and remember tell no one”.

“Yes Miss Woldum”.

“You have until this time next week to have every thing ready. Have it sent to my home in Scarsdale by messenger. I will also need an airline ticket to London and have a car service waiting to drive me the rest of the way to Bath, and don’t forget to purchase a car for me and put it in your company name for the use of Carol Markson”.

“Adell are you sure you are alright”?

“Yes Mr. Greenway, just do as I asked and don’t question me again about this, is that clear”?

“Yes Adell”. With that she left.

Mr. Greenway started working on getting her paper work. It was going to cost plenty but he knew she wouldn’t care as long as he full filled her requests, and he did.

Adell returned to Scarsdale and advised her staff that she would be gone in about a week and would not return until the end of the summer. She felt exhilarated and started packing. An adventure and Carol Markson was going to do things that Adell would never do. She would just be a normal person on vacation with a few extra dollars in her pocket. She would tell everyone she was a friend of the owner of the Manor and was invited to stay as long as she liked. She was looking forward to the night life in the pubs, eating pub food and dancing and meeting new people. People that didn’t know how much she was worth.

Carol Markson arrived in London and there was a driver waiting for her. The drive took them almost two hours but Carol didn’t mind at all. She was comfortable in her jeans a tee shirt, sneakers and a jacket. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she had blond streaks put through out her hair before she left New York. She was also wearing a baseball cap. She smiled to herself at the plans she had made for the next few months.

She was welcomed by the staff at the Manor House and showed her to her room and asked her if she was hungry after her long journey. She asked if they had any soda pop, they didn’t but advised they would have it for her tomorrow. She settled for a cup of tea and some biscuits. She had plans to go to the spa in the morning and enjoy the hot baths. She turned down the offer of the maid to unpack for her but accepted the offer for someone to show her around the Manor House after dinner. “By the way” Carol asked “what’s your name”?

“Margaret Miss”.

“Ok Margaret I will see you later, and thank you for all your help”. The maid looked at her and smiled. “You are welcome Miss Carol”.

“No, not Miss Carol, just Carol, OK”.

“Yes Miss, sorry I mean Carol” and left.

Carol took a shower and dressed in sweat pants and a polar shirt. It was chilly that night and she wanted to be comfortable. She went down stairs and went to the kitchen. Margaret was there the butler Thomas and the cook Lizzy. There was also the chauffeur Bart who picked her up at the Heathrow Airport but he lived in the cottage attached to the garage with his wife and daughter.

“Dinner will be ready at seven Miss”. Lizzy advised.

“Oh, OK I saw the table set and I thought I would eat dinner with all of you”.

“We will serve you in the dining room Miss”.

“If you don’t want me to eat here with you just make a tray for me and I will eat in my room”.

“No disrespect Miss we are used to serving guests in the dining room but if you would like to eat here with us we can set another place for you”.

“Thant would be great”. Carol answered.

She ate with the help and chatted with each one of them, finding out how long they had been working there. If they had family in the area and told them she was a friend of the family and they offered to let her stay at the Manor because she was vacationing in Bath. She made up a story about working in Manhattan as a secretary for an attorney and had been saving for over a year for this vacation. Time passed quickly and before she knew it the clock read ten o’clock. By that time they were chatting quite comfortably with Carol. She told them they could show her around tomorrow because she was tired from traveling and asked if a car had been delivered for her. “Yes”. Answered Thomas it arrived early this morning. It is a BMW”. He gave her the keys.

“Oh great”. Said Carol. “Well good night all, I can find my way up to my room. See you all tomorrow”.

“She’s a strange one”. Said Margaret. “There’s something funny about her.” said Lizzy. “She seems like a lovely young lady to me”. Announced Thomas. The women looked at each other and started laughing.

“I’m sure you do Thomas”. They laughed again.

“Funny ladies, very funny”.

The next morning Carol woke early put her sweat suit and sneakers on and took her wallet and keys and went out to the car. It was about seven o’clock and she wanted some coffee. She drove the short distance to town and started looking around for a cafe or somewhere to get a cup. She spotted a small food store that was open, she parked the car and went inside hoping they sold coffee. They did. There was one small table with two chairs but one was occupied by a good looking man. She paid for her cup of coffee and asked if he would mind if she sat with him. “No by all means sit down. I thought I was the only one who got up this early on a Saturday”.

“No, I am an early riser too. Thank you for sharing and smiled”.

“Well then, good morning miss”?

“Carol my name is Carol”.

“Good morning Carol, my name is David”


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