“You sound like you are from America”.

“I wonder if it’s my accent”, Carol smiled.

“Could be, but there is something else about you that tells me there is more to you than that”.


“Yes”, and I would like to find out more about you”.

“I will take that as a compliment but right now I am off to the spa to soak in the hot baths”.

“It’s funny you should say that because that’s where I am heading off to as well”.

“How convenient and not a bad pick up line either”. Again Carol smiled.

“Really I was telling you the truth, I am headed to the spa”.

“Okay maybe I’ll see you there”. Carol had finished her coffee and stood up to leave.

“Cheerio then and we might meet up again, unless you have your wife and family with you”. Another smile.

“I do not have any children and I am not married, thank you”

“We’ll see then”. Carol said with another smile as she left the store.

“Nice car”. David said as she walked toward the door.

“Don’t get any ideas, it’s a loaner from a friend”. As the door closed.

Carol was all giddy as she headed to Manor House. She had never acted like that before in her life. Just flirt with a total stranger, and quite a good looking one at that, she thought. She parked the car and walked to the house. It smelled wonderful as she opened the front door. “Hello”, she called out. Margaret came walking toward her. “I’m sorry Miss Carol I didn’t hear you come in”. “Please drop the Miss Margaret it makes me feel too old”.

“Yes, sorry Mi, I mean Carol”. Carol laughed. “Would you mind if I called you Peggy, you see where I come from if we had a friend or relative named Margaret we always called her Peg or Peggy as a nick name”.

No Carol I wouldn’t mind but I would have to get used to it. Where do you get Peggy from the name Margaret”?

“You know, I have no idea, it’s always been that way”.

“Alright then Peggy it is”, and she smiled at Carol.

“What smells so delicious”? Carol asked.

“Oh, that’s breakfast. Lizzy made eggs, sausage, muffins, coffee, tea and some Danish Pastries”.

“Lead the way Peggy, I’m starving”. They walked off down the hall to the kitchen.

Again Carol sat at the kitchen table with Peggy, Thomas and Lizzy. The food tasted delicious and Carol ate more than she ever ate for breakfast ever. She asked what the charge was for the spa for the baths. They told her that she would not have to pay for anything your friends have taken care to let them know you were to be considered there guest. She had to be careful here not to give herself away so she said; “Oh how nice, I’ll have to remember to thank them next time I see them”.

“Thank you all for the delicious breakfast and now I am off to experience the Roman Baths”.

Carol went to her room and packed one of her bikini’s, jeans and a tee shirt and a few sundries. She was quite happy that her adventure started out so well. She was secretly hoping that David would show up at the baths but she also was glad she mentioned about a wife and children to him. If he didn’t show up then her precautionary words would save her from any complications. As she was leaving Thomas reminded her that she hadn’t had the tour of Manor House yet. “I promise as soon as I get back you can give me the tour Thomas”.

“It will be my pleasure Miss Carol”. He refused to call her just Carol. She understood and didn’t make an issue of it.

The Roman Baths were wonderful and Carol was enjoying herself and felt completely relaxed. She had been there about an hour and no sign of David. Her spirits deflated a bit but there were plenty of men there, now weather they were married or taken was the question.

As she stepped out of the bath and started to wrap a towel around herself she heard a familiar voice.

“I guess I missed the best part of the Roman Baths”. She turned and there stood David in his bathing suit.

“Can I offer you a cup of tea or coffee and possibly another dip in the baths”?

“Yes, I think I’d like that”.

“Good, shall we head to the cafe it’s quite nice and maybe you would like a biscuit to go with your beverage, the biscuits or cookies as you probably call them are delicious”.

“I don’t see any wife or children hanging on to you, unless of course you are hiding them at home”.

“I am not hiding anything and I would like to show you my home anytime you would like”.

Carol gave a little laugh and said; “Okay smart guy lets start with some tea and biscuits”. David gave her his arm and away they walked toward the café.




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