David and Carol sat down at a table and viewed the menu. They ordered tea and as David suggested several biscuits. She giggled at the order, he had ordered eight different biscuits.

“What do you find so amusing”?

“Eight? Isn’t that a bit much for just the two of us, are you expecting more company”?

“No, I thought I would give you a few choices”, and smiled. Carol did smile but not because of the biscuits. David was tall well built and quite handsome, he had big brown eyes, dark hair and a beautiful smile. He also had an accent but it wasn’t a Bath accent.

“So where are you from”? She asked him.

“Right here in Great Britain”

“But, not Bath right”?

“Why would you say that”?

“Because your accent is a little different than the staff where I am staying and they were all born here”.

“Very observant, no I am originally from Surry which is just outside of London”.

“What about you Carol, where in America do you hale from”.

“New York, it’s the city that never sleeps”.

“So you actually live in Manhattan”? He asked.

Carol was a bit taken back. How would he know that? She thought.

“Yes, have you ever been there”?

“A few times on business”. Carol’s heart skipped a beat. Did he know who she was? Had she met him and didn’t remember? She quickly asked; “Really, how nice and what kind of business are you in”?

“International Finance, I travel quite a bit but my time is limited when I travel and other than restaurants and ocassionally a bar for a few drinks I don’t get to do much sight seeing. I did get to visit Central Park once, it was quite beautiful”.

“Yes it is”. She answered and then was silent, trying to remember not to give too much information to him.

They finished their tea and biscuits and went back to the Baths. Carol was careful to think before she answered any more questions. David asked her where she was staying and she told him about Manor House and that it belonged to friends of her family and they knew she had saved for over a year for the trip and offered to let her stay there for the summer.

“So, your family knows the Woldums”?

“No, I never met them but my parents met them a few times through some friends of theirs and they set it up for me. I’m just a poor working girl living in a one bedroom rental in lower Manhattan”.

Carol wanted to change the subject. She asked him if he could suggest any interesting sights she could visit. He suggested a few and she thanked him.

“I would be glad to show you around Bath, if you like”.

“That would be great she said”.

“How about tomorrow”, David said.

“Fine, I am on vacation and have all the time in the world. I really want to visit as many places as possible. You know soak up the life style”.

They had been in the bath for over an hour and it was past one in the afternoon. She told David she had to leave and thanked him for a lovely morning and the tea and biscuits. He asked if she would like to have dinner with him. She accepted and told him nothing to fancy because she didn’t have any real dress clothes. He agreed and promised it would be casual dress.

“Okay I will pick you up at seven tonight is that good for you”?

“Yes, that’s fine. I look forward to it.”

“Me as well”. He said. David walked her out to her car and just as they got to the spot she was parked in he said; “You know Carol you are a beautiful woman and I would love to kiss you right now, would that be alright with you”?

Carol was taken back by the compliment and him asking if he could kiss her. Before she could answer he lifted her chin and gently kissed her on the lips. Her heart jumped inside her chest.

“Thank you beautiful”, he said and said he would see her at seven, smiled and turned and walked toward his car.

Carol got in her car and sat there for a minute or two smiled and said out loud, Yes!!!!


13 thoughts on “MRS. HARDSWORTH – DAVID – PART SIX

  1. I am 73 and still kicking myself for the following. In the early sixties, me, my sister and our friend had an opportunity to purchase a ground floor three bed room apartment in Manhattan not far from Central Park for $87,000.00. True we were young but we could have managed it. We didn’t. Hindsight was something we didn’t have back then. Kick, kick, kick. :o)


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