Carol arrived back at the Manor House in a wonderful mood. Thomas greeted her as she entered.

“You look refreshed Miss Carol”.

“Thank you Thomas, I feel great! The Roman Baths did me a world of good. I am going to shower and change and I will be ready for the tour, if you have the time that is”.

“Yes Miss Carol, it will be my pleasure”.

Carol headed up to her room, showered and dressed. She put on a skirt, she had packed two just in case she needed something more than jeans and now she was glad she did. She picked a nice sweater out and put some makeup on and let her hair down. Some mascara and lipstick and a little blush for her cheeks made her look and feel wonderful.

Down stairs Thomas waited for her and when he saw her descending the stairwell he was happy to see her dressed like a young lady. “This way Miss Carol, I will start with the library if that suits you”.

“Fine with me Thomas, lead the way”, and smiled. As she toured Manor House it felt familiar even though she hadn’t been there since she was about four or five. She did however remember her parents and that made her a bit sad. There were seven bedrooms and a bathroom for each one. The large dining room, parlor it had two fire places and was quite large too, there was a sitting room, with a billiard table a few club chairs, two sofas and a large fireplace. It also had large french doors leading out to a patio and garden. The helps quarters were on the top level of the house but Thomas did not offer to show her those rooms. Carol started to remember some things and when Thomas showed her the Green House with all the beautiful flowers and plants she said; “Oh I always loved this place”. She wanted to bite her tongue. Thomas looked at her and said; “Oh, you’ve been here before Miss Carol”? She stammered a little and said; “No, I just meant I love green houses, a friend of mine in New York has one and I adore it”. Thomas just smiled. When the tour was over except for the wine cellar which she told Thomas he could show her it another time. It was time for tea. The kitchen had become a warm and welcoming place for Carol and she loved having Peg, Lizzy and Thomas to chat with.

“I will not be here for dinner”, said Carol. “I am having dinner with a gentleman his name is David he will be here at seven o’clock to pick me up”.

“Yes Miss Carol”. Thomas spoke. Peg and Lizzy just looked at each other and smiled. Carol said she was going to her room to rest until David arrived.

Carol tried to rest but she was too excited. Her plan was working and she already had a date with a good looking man. He was friendly, attentive and the kiss he gave her sent shivers down her spine.

It was just before seven and Carol heard a car pull into the drive. She went to the window and saw David exit his car. It wasn’t a BMW but it was a nice looking car. It looked like an Austin to her from the window.

When she heard the door bell ring she grabbed her purse and a sweater and headed toward the stairwell. She heard Thomas open the door and say; “Can I help you sir”.

“Yes, I am here to pick up Carol”.

“Who may I say is calling sir”?

“Mr. Willis, David Willis”.

“Come in and I will see if Miss Markson is ready”. Just then Carol was at the bottom of the steps and said; “Thank you Thomas but I’m already here”. He turned and looked at her with unapproved look in his eyes.

“Sorry Miss Carol I didn’t hear you come down”.

“That’s alright Thomas. Shall we go David”?

“By all means and I might add that you look gorgeous this fine evening”, with a smile.

“Thank you David and so do you”. They left the Manor House and headed toward his car. It was a 1952 Austin. Carol smiled to herself as David opened the car door for her, she slid in, he closed the door and walked around to the drivers side, got in and started the engine.

“Are you hungry”?

“Ravenous”, she replied.

“Can you dance”, he asked.

“Of course, I am an American, we all know how to dance”, she answered with a giggle.

With that, they drove off to enjoy the evening.



  1. I am enjoying the story and I look forward to the next part.

    By the way just incase you may have overlooked a spelling error, towards the end where she says ‘of course I know how to dance ‘, you have put now instead of know.

    A lovely story unfolding. 👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a gentleman holding the door, I just love the old Austin and ofcourse all Americans can dance… You had me sitting in the back seat waiting for what comes next *whispers* though I decided to forgo the Roman bath’s, *sniff* there’s only so much nudity one can share in. 😉😇

    Liked by 1 person

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