Carol slept through the night and woke up famished. How could I let myself be taken in like that she thought. “Never again”, she said out loud to herself. She dressed and went down to the kitchen, put a smile on her face and greeted Peg and Lizzy like nothing happened. She was grateful that Thomas was not present. Lizzy fixed her a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee and the three of them chatted away like nothing was wrong. “How is Mr. Willis”? Peg asked.

“He’s fine I guess. He had to leave today for Germany on business and he will be there for a few months”.

“Oh sorry Carol”, Lizzy and Peg said in unison.

“It’s not a problem, as we say in the U.S. easy come, easy go”. Lizzy and Peg just looked at each other.

“There might be a gentleman ringing me in a day or so. His name is David Addley”.

“Yes Miss”, Peg said.

“Another David”? Lizzy added. They all looked at each other and bust out laughing.

“I guess I am on a David kick”. Carol said still laughing. She decided to go and relax at the Roman Baths but told Lizzy she would return for dinner.

She did relax in the healing waters and left refreshed and ready for her next adventure. She didn’t have to wait long. The next day was Friday and the phone rang just after lunch. Carol was in the lounge and Peg announced that; “There is a Mr. David Addley on the telephone for you Carol”.

“Oh, thank you Peg. Please tell him I will be right with him”.

“Yes Miss, he is on the line in the library”.

“Thank you Peg”. Carol headed toward the library but couldn’t remember meeting David Addley or what he looked like but was hoping he was decent looking and a gentleman.

“Hello this is Carol Markson”.

“Hello Carol, this is David Addley. We met at LEY-ON’S Chop Suey Restaurant”. He had a nice voice but she still didn’t remember.

“Yes, I remember you quite well”, she lied. “How are you”? She asked.

“I am well thank you and so glad that David told me to give you a call. I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tomorrow night, if you are not busy of course”.

“It depends where we will have dinner, I hope you weren’t planning on taking me to LEY-ON’S, I didn’t care for the food there”.

“Heavens no! I thought you might like The Hare and Hound, it is a fine dining restaurant with delicious cuisine and lovely ambiance”.


“That sounds lovely David, I would love to go with you”.

“Thank you Carol. What time shall I pick you up”?

“How does eight o’clock sound”?

“It sounds perfect. I will see you tomorrow night then. You are staying at Manor House right”?

“Yes, will you need directions”? Carol asked.

“No, not at all I know exactly where it is”.

“I will see you at eight tomorrow night then”. Carol replied.

“I am looking forward to it”. David answered.

“Cheerio then David”, she said and hung up.

Fine dining Carol thought. She told Peg she was going shopping and asked her if there was a store that sold nice evening wear. Peg told her the name of a shop in the village. Carol thanked her and off she went. She found the shop and it had beautiful dresses suitable for fine dining. She bought a silk black sleeveless dress that would be perfect and a lovely shawl to go with it. Now she needed black heels to go with her dress. It turned out the same shop had a small shoe department and the perfect pair of heels and a silver beaded evening bag to finish off the perfect outfit.

Carol drove back to the house and as she entered through the door there was a huge bouquet of flowers sitting on the table in the foyer. Thomas was just adding adding water to the vase.

“Oh Miss Carol, you are back. This was just delivered for you about twenty minutes ago”.

“They are beautiful! Was there a card”?


“Yes Miss there is”, and he handed her the envelope. She opened it and read the card to herself.

It read; Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman. Looking forward to dinner tonight. Warm Regards, David Addley. Carol smiled and said; “Thank you Thomas”.

“They are lovely flowers Miss Carol, would you like me to put them in your room”?

“No Thomas, you can leave them there, thank you”.

“Whatever you like Miss Carol”.

“Thomas is there any Gin and Tonic in this house”?

“Yes Miss Carol, would you like it with or without ice”?

“With plenty of ice and if there is a lime in the ice box would you please put a slice in it”.

“Yes Miss. Shall I have Margaret bring it to your room”?

“No thank you, I will be in the lounge”.

“Yes Miss”, and he was off to make the drink for Carol.

Carol had dinner with Lizzy, Peg and Thomas in the kitchen. She told Thomas there will be a Mr. Addely calling for her tomorrow evening at eight o’clock, and told Lizzy she would be dining out. After Thomas left Carol chatted with Peg and Lizzy about her coming date. Lizzy with concern in her voice told Carol to be careful and not to give her heart away so quickly.

“Oh, don’t worry about that Lizzy, Mr. Addley is going to meet a very different woman than David Willis dated”. Peg and Lizzy looked wide eyed at Carol and she stuck her middle finger up and smiled. All three women went hysterical laughing.

David Addley was staying at the Welton Manor House in Bath. It belonged to a friend of his Tom Welton, who was spending the summer in Greece.


The staff was wonderful and he had the use of Tom’s car, it was a Jaguar. He was born in France but grew up in several countries, England being one of them. He spent much of his childhood in the U.S. and therefore spoke English without an accent. He also spoke several other languages, which came in handy on many occasions.

14 thoughts on “MRS. HARDSWORTH – DAVID – PART 9

  1. Now the two Davids seem like they’re up to tricks. One just disappears basically saying, ‘thanks for the ride it’s been real’.
    The other sounds like he’s going to pretend to be someone he’s not. 🙂

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