Carol and David spent the next few weeks together. During the day they would go sight seeing. He showed her Stonehenge, the Holburne Museum and Prior Park where they enjoyed a picnic lunch together. Lizzy and Peg kidded Carol about them being an item and would tease her about it when ever she would share a meal with them in the kitchen.

David introduced Carol to a few of his friends, some evenings they would all meet at one of the pubs for a night of music, drinks, dancing and dining on pub food. Her plan was turning out fine. She was just a working girl on vacation and being treated like an equal by the locals. Except David, he was special.

They had feelings for each other and Carol knew it. She didn’t plan for that to happen and it gave her some anxiety but she decided to throw caution to the wind and let her feelings instead of logic decide her destiny.

She was alone in the world and wanted someone to share her life with and David might be just the one.

Carol went shopping in the village one morning for some clothing and stopped to have a cup of coffee in the little shop where she met David. She was surprised to see him sitting at the table with another man that she didn’t recognize. He wasn’t anyone that she had been introduced to thru David. “Hi David, fancy meeting you here”, as she walked toward him.

“Oh, hi Carol”. David said but did not stand up to kiss her hello. She was taken back slightly because he looked a bit embarrassed and with a slight smile said;

“Carol, this is Peter Hardsworth, he is from New York and is here on business”.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Hardsworth”.

“Nice to meet you too Carol”, he replied. She excused herself and walked over to the counter to get her coffee, by the time she paid and turned to go back to the table Mr. Hardsworth was heading toward the door. Carol walked to the table and sat down with David. He did not look happy. “What’s wrong David”?

“I have to leave here tomorrow, my company is sending me to Germany for a few months on a special project” Carols face went from happy to sad instantly.

“I am sorry to hear that David but what about us, I thought we had something special building between us”.

“It was lovely Carol but I have no control over where my company sends me. You are a beautiful young woman and I have enjoyed your company but the fun is over for me and it’s back to work. I do have a suggestion though”.

“What is that”? Asked Carol sounding a bit perturbed but feeling like she just got punched in the stomach.

“Do you remember the night a bunch of us went out to have dinner at LEY-ON’S Chop Suey restaurant”?

“Yes, I remember, why”?

“Remember the chap that came over to our table to say hello to everyone”?

“Vaguely”. She answered but did not remember him.

“Well he asked me about you when I saw him the next day and I know that he likes you. I could give him your telephone number if you like. He will be staying in Bath until the end of the summer. Would you like that”? Carol was so hurt and angry at David at that moment. She felt cheap and used but answered in a flippant tone.

“Sure have him give me a ring, and have a safe trip to Germany”. She felt her heart pounding in her chest.

“Great I’ll tell him to call you at the end of the week, is that OK with you”? Choking back tears she said: “What was his name again, I can’t seem to remember it”.

“How could you not remember we laughed about his first name being David too, his last name was Addley, David Addley remember? Now can I get a kiss goodbye love? I had a wonderful time with you and I hope we can keep in touch”. She looked at David and forced herself to smile and said; “Yes lets be sure to do that”.

Carol gave him a hug, a quick kiss on his cheek and left. She got in her car drove to Manor House went directly to her room, threw her parcels on the floor, fell on the bed, buried her face in a pillow and cried herself to sleep. She woke up hours later, it was dark but she didn’t leave her room. This might not have been such a good idea after all. Maybe I should just go home Carol thought. “I hate Chop Suey, and I hate David Willis”, she said out loud. It was hours before she fell back to sleep.