Carol took her time getting dressed and ready for her date with David Addley. It was close to eight pm., and she was a bit nervous about the whole idea of accepting a dinner date with a man she couldn’t remember meeting. She finished dressing and put her hair up and just enough makeup to make her look refreshed. She heard a car pull up and knew it had to be Mr. Addley, she looked out the window to see what he looked like and was quite surprised. He was quite good looking and well dressed, and was driving a Jaguar she smiled. “I might enjoy this date after all”, she said out loud to herself in the mirror but there was no reply. There was a knock on her door; “Come in” she said. It was Peg; “Mr. Addley has arrived Carol”.

“Thank you Peg, please tell him I will be down directly”.

“Yes Miss”.

Carol waited a few minutes, picked up her shawl and purse and headed down stairs. Thomas stood at the foot of the stairwell as did David Addley. She spoke first; “Sorry I was a bit delayed David”.

“It was worth the wait Carol”.

“Thank you”.

“Shall we go”? He replied.

“Yes, I am looking forward to dinner”.

“Have a good evening Miss Carol”, Thomas said.

“Thank you Thomas”.

“Yes, thank you Thomas”. David also replied. Thomas just opened the door, Carol and David left.

David opened the car door for Carol and said; “You look stunning tonight”.

“Thank you”, and she smiled. She didn’t remark on his attire or the car. Carol was keeping her feelings in check this time. They chatted a bit on the way to the restaurant but just small talk and she could see it made David a little uneasy, good she thought and enjoyed the ride.


The Hare and Hound was a lovely establishment with elegant ambiance. The food was delicious and Carol was enjoying herself. There was a small dance floor and a piano player. The evening passed quickly and before she knew it she was back at Manor House. David walked her to the door and thanked her for a lovely evening asked her if it would be alright to call her again, kissed her hand and bid her goodnight. There was something about him she liked but she was being cautious this time.

David didn’t call her for two days and then he called and asked her if she would like to go on an afternoon picnic with him, she accepted. They had a wonderful time and Carol started to like Mr. Addley more and more each time they went out. He was handsome, educated, well traveled and the ultimate gentleman. He invited her to dinner at Welton Manor one evening and by that time she was falling in love with the handsome Mr. Addley. She accepted and told him she would drive herself to his place. She stayed the night and gave her heart to David Addley.


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