The summer was fast drawing to a close. David Addely would be leaving Welton Manor and Carol would be heading back to the U.S. and her life as Adell Woldum. She decided to tell David the truth about herself hoping it wouldn’t drive him away.

Carol did tell David who she really was as they lay close together in his bed a few days before she would be leaving. She also explained why. He told her he was not upset and loved her. He also said he would go to New York with her. It was the happiest she’d been in a long time.

Adell said goodbye to Peg, Lizzy and Thomas and handed them each an envelope as she left. She would stop by Welton Manor and pick up David and together they would fly to New York and stay at her apartment in Manhattan. He explained that he was an entrepreneur and could conduct his business from any where.

Adells adventure resulted in her finding the love of her life. David treated her with loving attention and she showered him with love and gifts. Finally she found a man that loved her for who she was, not what she had. She was sure he would ask her to marry him soon and knew she would accept.

One November afternoon he gave her a gift it was a leather bound journal. He told her to write about her life and all her thoughts. When it was complete he wanted to read it.

“That will take forever David”.

“I know darling but we have forever, don’t we”?

“Yes, of course love”, and so she began writing. Each day she would write something in the journal.

Just before Thanksgiving Adell wanted to go shopping. David told her he was a bit tired and didn’t feel up to it. She was going to stay home but he insisted that she go on without him and buy something pretty to wear for the holiday. They were going to have Thanksgiving dinner at the Waldorf Astoria.

Adell kissed David and told him she would be back in a few hours. When she returned David was gone, and so were his belongings. Adell couldn’t believe it. He did not even leave a note. She cried for weeks and almost had a nervous breakdown.

“How could I be so stupid”! She screamed at herself in the mirror. She would find him if it was the last thing she did.

The Holiday’s past and spring started to bloom in all it’s glory. Adell decided to take a walk in Central Park. She was sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons. A man approached her and asked if she would mind if he shared the bench with her. She told him she wouldn’t so he sat down. She was so lonely and he had a soothing voice. He introduced himself; “My name is Peter, Peter Hardsworth”.


“Hello Mr. Hardsworth my name is Adell Woldum”.

“I know your name Miss Woldum but it’s nice to meet you again”.

“Again”? Adell asked.


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