“Yes again. We met briefly in Bath last summer. You do know David Willis right”?

“Yes, I knew David Willis but he was really just an acquaintance”.

“We were chatting and you walked in the shop for coffee and stopped by the table”.

“Oh yes I remember. When I turned around after paying you were on your way out the door”.

“That’s right, you do remember”, and he smiled.

Adell and Peter chatter for a while. He invited her to have something to eat. It was mid afternoon and she hadn’t eaten anything all day so she accepted.

Over lunch he told her he was not married, was thirty five years old, and was a C.F.O. for a corporation based in Manhattan and had an apartment on East 65th. Street. It was not Sutton Place but it was a nice area. Peter was born in Philadelphia but graduated Columbia University and never left New York. He loved living in the city. “There is no place like Manhattan”, he said to Adell. He knew of her parents and how they passed away and told her he was truly sorry when he heard the news.

“You mean to tell me you knew who I was when you met me in Bath”?

“Yes I did” was his reply. “I knew your name was not Carol but it was none of my business why you were trying to be incognito so I didn’t say anything. Your hair was a slightly different color but I knew it was you”.

“You didn’t tell Willis”?

“No, It wasn’t my place to tell him”.

“Thank you for that”, she smiled, for the first time in weeks. You seem to know all about me so there’s no need to say anything”.

“I don’t know everything but I would like to”, he teased her.

It was getting dark and Adell told Peter she should be heading home. He insisted on accompanying her home so they grabbed a cab. When they arrived at her building he asked if she would like him to walk her to her apartment. She thanked him but said she would be fine.

“Would you have dinner with me on Saturday evening”?

“I think I would like that Peter, thank you”.

“Eight o’clock good for you”?

“Yes, that would be fine”. She answered.

“May I have your telephone number Adell”?

“Oh, yes of course”. She gave him her number and he jotted it down on a piece of paper.

“See you Saturday then”, she said as she exited the cab.

“I look forward to it”, Peter said. He watched her as she entered the building.

Every night Adell would write in her journal. She was not over David Addley and embellished her stories. She wanted him to be jealous when he read the journal. She was sure he would be back. She still loved him.

Adell and Peter dated steadily over the next year. She felt comfortable with Peter. He treated her well and made her laugh. She knew he was falling in love with her and she cared for him but David still owned her heart.

Peter introduced her to his friends and his sister Kathleen, who was married and lived in Philadelphia with her husband Mark and their two daughters. His parents had passed. He did have an aunt but she lived in a nursing home for the elderly. Adell never went with him to visit her.

Peter proposed to Adell the second Christmas after they met. Adell aceppted. They had a small but elegant wedding at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and honeymooned in Bali. Peter sold his apartment and moved in with Adell. Every night she would write in the journal David gave her. Peter asked her once what she was writing but she was vague about it. He asked if he could read her stories but she told him it was personal and made him promise never to read it. He promised.

Adell asked Peter to leave his job, there was no need for him to work. They could travel see the world together, but he liked working and felt it gave him independence. She didn’t insist but wasn’t happy about it.

He wanted a big family and Adell agreed. When they were married for about a year she became pregnant. They were both elated. She gave birth to a baby boy. Peter Roland Hardsworth became Adell’s world. It was the only child they had. They tried to have more children but after a few miscarriages Adell didn’t want to try any more. Peter was disappointed but understood.

When young Peter was ten years old his father died of Cancer. Adell was left alone again but now she had a son to raise alone.



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