Getting Old is my story that has been chosen by C. A. Simonson to be included in her anthology book “A QUICK READ”. I am honored to be included among such wonderful authors.

  • By: Patricia Salamone     Alone I sit by my window. I watch the world now with little participation. Befuddled in my thoughts at times, I smile to myself at some distant memory. Cradled in my heart is my life’s story.

    Damn, why did I waste so much time being foolish? Envy took up a good part of it. Foolish choices made on the spur of a moment can turn out to cost you more than money. Gratitude was short lived as I climbed the mountain to success.  Humility was just a word on a sign posted on an old wooden board along the way. I paid little attention to it. Independence was my goal; I would never ask for help. How foolish….

    Junctions in my life were ignored as my ego grew.  Knowledge was what I craved; I knew it all, or so I thought.  Love came and I let it go; it required too much of me and would take me off my path. Money was my goal, lots of money would give me freedom from the poverty that dwelled in my heart and soul. Narcissism played the music I danced to.

    Often I would close myself up to kindness and humility as I had people to use and places to conquer. Passing through the doorways of life I never stopped to smell the flowers or feel the sunshine on my shoulders.

    Quietly and swiftly time marched on, and so did I. Roads lay before me: the choice was mine to pick and boldly I traveled the road to success, or so I thought. Success came and plenty of money lined my pockets; I could have the freedom I craved, I was happy, or was I?

    Time passes faster as we age; it stops for no one – I realized that one day when I looked in the mirror. Up, on top of the mountain finally, but as I looked around I was all alone. Virtual silence filled my world, no one to share my success with, no one to love, no children, only material success.

    What have I done and why didn’t I stop to read the signs along the way about love, laughter, help, humility, caring, sharing, and the many more were ignored. Exit is now the only sign I can see – a big sign I cannot ignore and I wonder what’s on the other side of it; I am frightened and alone.

    Yesterdays are gone, and although I thought I made all the right turns, there are no more choices.

    Zero is what I had coming into this world, zero is what I will leave with….

39 thoughts on “GETTING OLD

  1. I’m happy that this story received the recognition it deserved. However, not only have you detailed a fictional life you have undoubtedly portrayed many people’s real one.
    I’ll hold my hands up and admit to all of the mistakes listed above.

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  2. Wonderfully told, Patricia, and so true to life. I have worked with elders who lived this way.Some only cared about what happened to their possessions rather than the family and friends who tried to help them. In other cases, I watched surviving relatives fight over the things that were left behind – even the bed someone died in. I was truly grateful for the lessons they taught me about what matters in life.

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  3. I felt this was an important little story about life and what is and isn’t important. If we all stopped and questioned what we are really striving for and what we’d regret if we were gone soon, perhaps many would change their ways.

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  4. This is the second blog post that I have read today with some of the same lessons. I too am guilty of trying to live my life pleasing others instead of staying on my own path. Hoping that my future is bright and that yours is also.
    Great connecting with you on this beautiful Wednesday. Cheers! And happy writing!

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