SAM COLE P. I. Part 2

Forty Five Sutton Place, South. An exclusive area she thought while driving. “He’s probably with his girlfriend”. Sam said out loud to herself. Her thoughts then turned to Janet Hewitt. The name sounded familiar to her but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Sam arrived at 45 Sutton Place South about thirty minutes later. She knew there would be no parking on the street so she took out her police light and the Police Business card and placed it on the dash board. Parked a few feet down from the canopied entrance and got out of her car and locked it.

It was almost one am.. The doorman opened the door and Sam headed directly to the reception desk. A young man that looked to be in his early twenties dressed in a suit and tie smiled and said; “Good morning, can I help you”?

Yes, I have an appointment with Janet Hewitt”.

Oh, yes Mrs. Hewitt called me about your arrival. You are Samantha Cole”?


May I see some identification please”?

Sam standing there in her jeans, sneakers, and wearing a winter jacket reached in her inside pocket and pulled out her wallet and removed her drivers license. She noticed the little brass bar pinned to his breast pocket that had the name Charles engraved in black letters. He looked at her license and said; “Thank you”, picked up the phone on the desk and dialed a few numbers. “Miss Cole has arrived”. He said and then hung up. With another smile he stood up and said; “Please follow me, the elevator is just over here”. The lobby was large and decorated with a large area rug surrounded by club chairs, a couple of sofas and some tables scattered about. It was well lit and there were three elevators in a hall off to the right of Thomas’s desk. He walked to the last one, took a key out of his pocket and inserted it in the small lock on the wall for that elevator. The doors opened and he said; “just press the up button and it will take you to Mrs. Hewitt’s apartment”.

Thanks”, Sam said as the doors closed. The doors opened and she stepped out into a large foyer. There was a half stone wall with lush green plants reaching up about four feet to her left and right. Straight ahead stood Janet Hewitt dressed in sweat pants and shirt wearing sneakers. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and was attractive. Sam figured her for about forty something. “Thank you so much for coming Ms. Cole”, she said with a worried tone in her voice. “I have tried calling Ben a few times since we spoke but the calls are still going to his voice mail. Oh, I’m sorry, please come in we can talk in the lounge. I made a pot of coffee would you like a cup”?

Yes, I could use a cup of coffee right now, thank you”. The lounge was to the left of the elevator. It was beautifully decorated and had a large overstuffed sofa, two leather club chairs a glass coffee table, two end tables and a large desk facing the windows which overlooked the East River. The floors were dark wood with a high gloss on them.

Please have a seat Ms. Cole, I’ll get the coffee. Cream and sugar”?

No thanks, black is fine” Sam replied. Janet headed toward the large open kitchen and Sam sat down in one of the leather chairs. A few minutes later Janet returned carrying a tray with two mugs of coffee, placed it on the table and handed one to Sam. “Now, Mrs. Hewitt why don’t you start from the beginning and tell me why you are so worried”.

Yes, you’re right, I have to calm myself down, but I feel much better now that you are here”. Just then her cell phone rang. She jumped up from the chair and ran over to the island that separated the kitchen from the lounge and hit the button. “Hello, Hello, Ben are you there, hello, Ben?” She took the phone away from her ear and hung up, looked at Sam and said, “no one answered”. Sam walked over to where Janet was standing and took the phone from her and looked at the screen. No number available was the message. Janet started to cry. “Mrs. Hewitt calm down and let’s sit down and tell me what is going on”. They both sat down and Janet looked at Sam and said in a shaky voice.

Something has happened to Ben I just know it”.

What makes you say that”?

He took a gun with him yesterday”.

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