Exactly what does Mr. Hewitt do for a living”?

He has an Import Export business”.

Where is his office”?

He doesn’t have an office, he works from home”.

Does he have a computer”?

No, he just uses his cell phone but he does have a warehouse in the Bronx”.

Where in the Bronx is it located, who works for him, how does he pay them”?

I don’t know. Ben never talks about his business with me. He said I wouldn’t understand it and it’s boring. I really don’t know anything about it, I’m sorry”.

May I ask how long you’ve been married”?

Just over twenty five years”.

In twenty five years you no nothing about your husbands business. I find that strange”.

I know and I’m sorry but Ben will not discuss it with me. He treats me well and I love him. If he doesn’t want to talk about something and I persist he gets angry”.

Do you have a recent photo of Mr. Hewitt”?

Yes, I will get it for you, but the photo is about two years ago, is that alright? He still looks the same though and he wasn’t much for having his picture taken”.

Yes, please do, thank you”. Janet went to their bedroom and a few minutes later came out with the photo. “This is the only photo close up of him. He isn’t much for taking photos. We never even had a wedding album or a photo of our wedding day”.


This is the only photo you have of him”?

No, I have a few of us together but they were taken at a distance and you can’t really see us that well and they are much older than this one”.

Any children”? Sam noticed a slight hesitation. Janet put her head down and said;

No, no children”. Sam thought she saw sadness in her eye’s.

Sorry”. Sam said.

That’s alright, we are happy and we have each other”.

If you want me to take this case on you will have to come to my office tomorrow and we can discuss the fee and see if we can figure this out”.

What time do you want me to come”?

Is ten good for you”?

Yes that fine”.

Here’s my card I’m located in Long Island City, will you need directions”?

No, I’ll find it but thank you”. With that Sam got on the elevator and pressed the down button.

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