As Sam walked through the lobby Charles smiled, she just nodded her head. The doorman opened the door for her and she walked toward her car. She sat in her car a few minutes thinking about the whole scenario. There was something Mrs. Hewitt wasn’t telling her and she had to get it out of her tomorrow.

Sam started her car and left Sutton Place behind her. It was almost four am., Sam was tired and it had started raining again.


With very little sleep under her belt Sam arrived at the office at eight thirty that morning. Connie was already there and the coffee was ready. “Thanks Connie, I could use a good cup of coffee right now”.

Rough night”?

You could say that but not in a good way. A Mrs. Hewitt will be here at ten, show her right into my office”.

Will do boss”. Connie said jokingly. Sam handed her the photo of Ben Hewitt.

Run this guy and see if you can find anything about him, his name is Ben Hewitt. He is fifty seven years old and supposedly owns a ware house in the Bronx”,

What’s the address”?

Don’t know and neither does his wife. He is driving a black Honda SUV. It is registered in Janet Hewitt’s name”.

Wow! He’s cute” Connie said looking at the photo, “he also looks familiar”, she said.

He’s also missing”. Sam replied and went in her office and closed the door. She took a few sips of her coffee and called Detective Mike Dunn at the 115th prescient. “Hi Mike, this is Sam, can you do me a favor”?

Yeah sure Sam, what is it”?

See what you can come up with any information on a Ben or Benjamin Hewitt. He has whitish gray hair, is fifty seven years old and lives at Forty Five Sutton Place South in Manhattan. He supposedly owns a warehouse in the Bronx too”.

Sure Sam, what’s going on”?

Just another missing persons case Mike, nothing special”.

Okay, I’ll call you if I come up with anything”.

Thanks Mike. Talk to you later”.

Hey Sam dinner tonight”?

Thanks Mike but it’s going to be a long day”.

You know your breaking my heart Sam”.

Yeah Mike, right. Thanks for the help”. Sam hung up.

Janet Hewitt showed up at ten o’clock and Connie showed her into Sams office. “Good morning Mrs. Hewitt. Have a seat. Would you like a cup of coffee”?

Yes, thank you”.

Cream and sugar”?

Just a splash of cream and one sugar, thank you”. Connie had been standing there and said she would be back with the coffee in a jiffy, left the office and closed the door.

Did you hear from Ben yet”?

No”. Janet said, “I am still getting his voice mail”.

Mrs. Hewitt why don’t you want to go to the police? Fill out a missing person report and let them handle this”.

I can’t”.

Why not”?

It’s a long story”.

If you want my help you have to be totally honest with me or you will be wasting you money”.

If I tell you will the police find out”?

Mrs. Hewitt I am a private investigator, unless your husband has done something wrong anything you tell me is strictly confidential”.

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