Connie knocked on Sams office door. “Come in Connie, and sit down. Do you have anything for me”?

Nothing Sam, well nothing that matches Mr. Hewitt’s photo”.

His name is Bennet W. Hewitt, not Benjamin. I thought Ben stood for Benjamin but found differently from Janet today”.

Okay I’ll re-run everything in his name. I ran Janet Hewitt’s name as well”, and handed Sam a folder.

Let me go over this and I want to call Mike Dunn and see if he has had any time to get some information and to tell him about the change of first name. Did you check to see if there is a warehouse in Hewitt’s name in the Bronx”?

Yes but nothing. I even checked all five Boroughs, still nothing in the name of Hewitt. There is a list in the folder with all the Hewitt’s in New York State and the last known addresses. Let me know how you want me to handle that”.

Thanks Connie”. It was passed noon and Sam was hungry. She handed Connie the check from Janet and said;

Why don’t you get some lunch then deposit this in the bank. I will hopefully have some more information about Mr. Hewitt by the time you get back”. Connie took the check and whistled.

Wow, nice”. She said. Sam just looked up and smiled.

Just deposit the check and bring me back a sandwich and a salad please”. With that Connie left.

Samantha dialed Mike Dunn at the 115th prescient. The phone rang. “Hello, this is Detective Dunn how can I help you”.

Hi Mike this is Sam. Did you get a chance to get any information on Hewitt yet”?

No Sam. We ran his name for the city and state of New York but nothing. I also sent his name over to the FBI office but didn’t hear back from them yet. There are drivers licenses under that name in the state but the description you gave me doesn’t match”.

Mike I just found out this morning his first name is Bennet not Benjamin”.

Alright I’ll try under that first name. What’s going on”?

You know I can’t go into it Mike but if it comes to the point that your department needs to get involved I’ll let you know”. Sam heard another detective from the office call out to Mike.

Mike! Lets go they just pulled a body out of the East River”. The hair on the back of Sams neck stood up.

Sam I have to go. I’ll try and get back to you later. Sam? Are you there”?

Yes, sorry Mike, I’m here. OK, thanks talk to you later”. She hung up but had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

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