Sam picked up the folder that Connie had given her and was reading through it when Connie got back from the bank. Ben Hewitt’s name wasn’t on anything aside from his drivers license. The condo, cars and bank accounts were all in Janet’s name. She was staring at his photo and thinking to herself. This guy looks so familiar to me. I have seen him somewhere, but where? Her office door opened. “Lunch time Sam”, Connie announced and placed Sams lunch on her desk along with a cup of coffee.

Thanks Connie. What am I having today”?

Ham on rye with mustard and a small toss salad, no tomato”.

Sounds good. Grab a chair Connie unless you want to eat at your desk”.

No I’ll eat in here, thanks. What’s the matter Sam, you look frustrated”.

I am” she said and pushed the photo of Ben Hewitt toward Connie.

I know this guy or I met him before. He looks so familiar to me but I can’t recall where I know him from”. Connie was staring at the photo.

He’s good looking for an older man but nothing out of the ordinary that I can see. Eat your lunch maybe it will come to you if you don’t think about it so hard”.

You’re right”, Sam said and took a bite of her sandwich. “Janet Hewitt isn’t telling me everything either. I am going to wait a couple of days and then go question her again. Unless Mr. Hewitt shows up before that, or his body. Another thing that doesn’t add up is that every thing they own is in her name, and she’s going to have to tell me why. I need more to go on than a name and a photo”.

If anyone can do it you can Sam. You’ve solved some pretty tough cases in the past”.

Thanks Connie but I have a bad gut feeling about this one”. With that the phone rang. Connie reached over and picked it up. “Coles Investigation Service. Hold on please”. She handed the phone to Sam it’s Mike from the 115th..

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