Thursday Sam entered 45 Sutton Place So. Charles was at his desk. “Good evening Ms. Cole, Mrs. Hewitt is expecting you. He walked over to the elevator and inserted the key, the doors opened and she entered, pushed the up button and the doors closed. Janet was waiting for Sam and had coffee and cake set out on the kitchen table. Her condo was not ostentatious but everything was high end. “Hi Sam, come in I have some coffee and cake ready. We can sit in the kitchen”.

Hi Janet, that will be fine. Thanks”.

Do you have any news for me”?

I am afraid not Janet, but I am going to be straight with you and hopefully you will be the same with me”.

I have been straight with you”, Janet replied with arrogance in her voice.

No you haven’t. There is more to this than meets the eye here Janet and if you want to see your husband alive again you are going to have to tell me the whole story or you will be wasting my time and your money”. Janets eye’s filled with tears, she put her head down and grabbed a tissue from the box on the table.

Does that mean you think Ben is dead”?

No, it means if you want me to try and find him alive I need to know where to go next”. Just then Sam’s cell phone rang. It was Mike and he told her they found the SUV in the long term parking lot at JFK. He wanted to know if the Mrs. wanted them to tow it or leave it where it is. Sam thought for a moment and told him, “no don’t tow it, not yet. I am with my client now and I will get back to you if she wants it towed. Thanks Mike”, and she hung up.

Janet, the police just found your SUV at JFK long term parking. Do you want to tell me what I should know now or am I finished with this case”? Janet looked up at Sam.

Where do you want me to start”.

From the beginning and don’t hold anything back, understood”?

Yes, lets go sit in the living room. This is going to take a while”.

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