Sam stopped at the office before heading over to Janet’s house. Connie filled her in on phone calls and up coming cases and that Mike had left a message for her to call him. Sam finished her coffee and left.

Aren’t you going to call Mike”? Connie said as Sam was leaving. She didn’t answer as the office door closed.

Sam arrived at Janets, she had coffee ready and there were bagels and rolls on the counter in case Sam was hungry. “Just coffee for me thanks, I’d like to get started. I hope you slept well last night, you looked exhausted”.

I am but until I hear from Ben or you find out what happened I’m afraid I won’t be getting much sleep”.

Why don’t we get started then”.

There’s not much more to tell. Ben and I married after I finished high school. I attended college for a year but dropped out for lack of interest. I had everything I ever dreamed of except children. Ben was always busy and I kept myself busy with charities, friends and shopping. I loved to cook and when Ben was home early enough for dinner it was wonderful.”

Did you socialize with other couples, either here or go out to dinner, plays, movies”?

Not that often. There was a couple we went out to dinner once in a while. Paul and his wife Mary I think her name was or maybe it was Marie”.

What was their last name”?

Ward, yes it was Paul and Mary Ward. Mary not Marie. She was a lovely woman and he was very nice too”.

How often did you socialize with them”?

Not very often maybe ten times or so over the past fifteen years. I tried to get close to Mary but she was always busy so I stopped trying”.

Do you know what Paul did for a living”?

Ben told me he was an associate of his”.

Do you know if his wife worked”?

No, I don’t think she did but I could be mistaken”.

Janet do you know how to shoot a gun”?

Yes, Ben taught me and I am a pretty good shot if I do say so myself”.

Where does Ben keep his gun”?

You mean guns he has several. They are in one of the wall safes in our bedroom and a couple in the wall save in the den”.

Can you show me them”?

I would if I could but I don’t know the combination for the locks”.

How does Ben expect you to protect yourself when he’s not around and you can’t get at the guns and how do you know he took a gun with him when he left”.

I have a 357 in my nightstand and I saw the gun he was carrying the day he left for the meeting”.

Are you still getting his voice mail when you call his cell”?


Does he have a personal phone book with names of friends, family or associates”?

No, not that I know of, unless it’s at the warehouse”.

What about family”?

None that I know of. His parents have passed and he was an only child”.

What were their names”?

Gerald and Victoria Hewitt, why”?

Did you ever meet them”?

Yes, once. They looked old even then. I think Ben was born when they were older”.

Where did they live”?

In California”.

You’re not giving me much to go on Janet and time is ticking away here. Do you want to go to JFK and get the car out of long term parking”?

No!! Ben put it there for a reason and I don’t want him to come home and his car is gone”.

Janet, Ben might not be coming home. You do realize that don’t you”?

Don’t say that”! Janet said with tears welling up in her eyes. “You have to find him”!

Alright, calm down. This is what we are going to do and I need you to cooperate with me, understand”?

Yes, yes. What do you have in mind”?

Do you have that key that Ben gave you”?


Go get it. You and I are going to the bank and open that safe deposit box”.

But, but, Ben said”…..

I don’t care what Ben said, he’s missing and I have no leads on him. Now do you want to help me find him or at least get some answers of his whereabouts or not”.

Janet was visibly shaken. She took a deep breath and went to her bedroom and came back with the key and a piece of paper with a number written on it. “I have to write this code number on the signature card for the box”.

OK, lets do this and hopefully get some answers on your husbands whereabouts. Get your coat and purse and lets go”.

Fifteen minutes later they were on their way to the bank.

12 thoughts on “SAM COLE P. I. PART 14

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  2. Didn’t get to write today Sally, had to watch my little two year old grand. She was not feeling well and so Nonna watched her today. However I had a great day with her but I was exhausted by four thirty when my daughter came to pick her up. I then had to do some shopping that was planned for today and am only now answering emails. I hope to get to it tomorrow.
    I am honored that you are right behind me on the way to the bank. ☺☺☺☺


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