My hubby better known to our grandchildren as Grampi picks up our almost 10 year old granddaughter every day after school and brings her to our house. One of her parents picks her up about 5:00pm after work. We have been doing this since she was in Day Care.

Yesterday I had to leave here about 4:30 I had two appointments. I kissed her goodbye and told her I would see her tomorrow. Grampi would be with her until she was picked up. I didn’t get home until after 8:00pm, I was exausted and not in a great mood. I knew I would have many emails to answer and I really didn’t feel like doing it but I made a cup of tea and went into my room and sat down at my desk and taped to my desk was the following note.


Now you know why they are called Grand children. This one little note brought so much joy to my heart and put a smile on my face. Life is great!!!!

37 thoughts on “GRANDCHILDREN & JOY

  1. Ahh…Patricia, this has me smiling and lifts my spirits! What a beautiful sweet message, so tender, so loving and one to treasure always. I can just imagine your worries and stress floating away with tears of joy. Life really is that simple! Many thanks for sharing, 😀❤️️

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  2. A lovely post that touches my heart as I used to look after my younger granddaughters regularly after school. Yes, dear Pat, I was the bald grandad in ‘Granny Red’ and ‘Pollyanna Dubček, those two stories from my book, ‘Twin Dakotas’.

    They’re older now and I’ve moved away to Wales, but still I see “Goblin” and “Dumpling” once a month and, Gosh, what fun we have! “Dumpling” recently turned twenty-eight cartwheels in a row for me, without stopping.

    How blessed we are to have grandchildren.

    Fond regards,


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    • Yes Paul we are blessed. I thought as I was reading that was you but didn’t ask, no need to. I thought the grandma was Maureen but dismissed that thought after reading it a few times. Was I wrong?
      I hope you are both in good health and I know you are keeping busy. I wanted to go to the Bloggers Bash in London but I will not be able to make it so my thoughts of maybe meeting you and Maureen face to face have all but disappeared.
      Have a wonderful weekend. ☺☺

      Warm Regards,


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      • Hi Pat, no, Granny Red was just someone I used to chat with in the schoolyard waiting for our little granddaughters to come out at home time. It would be some years yet before I’d meet my precious Maureen through poetry.

        Yeah, we’re fine, thanks. Just hoping the flat sells soon, so we can complete the move to our lovely hillside bungalow. This constantly shuttling between the two is hard going!

        Hope all’s well with you and yours Stateside.

        Very best wishes from North Wales,


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  3. I loved this anecdote. To me, grandchildren are pure pleasure, including a dear grandson, age 9, who looked at me after we laughed at a shared joke and said, “You should always smile and laugh; it makes the lines in your lips go away!”

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