Sam drove back to the condo. Janet removed five manilla envelopes from her purse and placed them on the table, and sat down. She was clearly upset. “I’m going to make coffee before we open those envelopes. Would you like a cup? Sam nodded yes. “I feel like I am betraying Ben. He will be so upset when he comes home”.

I am sure he will understand Janet. You are his wife and you have a right to know his whereabouts. This might save his life”.

I know but it’s almost like admitting he’s gone”.

It also might help me find him”. Janet poured the coffee and gave Sam a cup. She took one of the envelopes and opened it. There were several passports all with different names in them but all contained Ben’s photo. She showed them to Sam. “What does this mean”? She asked Sam.

It means you were right, Ben does work for the government, in what capacity remains to be seen”. Janet opened another one. It was Janets and Bens marriage license, and a birth certificate for Janets baby with her name and the baby’s name as Maria Martinez. Father unknown. A copy of another birth certificate with the name Olivia Cole mother and David Cole Father child Samantha Cole. Janet started to shake and cry. “What is it”? Sam asked. She handed the document to Sam without saying a word.

The two men from the NOC that had left the coffee shop were waiting just inside the doors of the Lufthansa terminal when the cars pulled up. One man started walking toward the gate for Bens and Peters flight, the other stayed close to the doors. Ben and Sami got out of the car and walked over to the car in front of them to get Peter. The back door opened and Peter got out and so did Jahmir. Ben asked Sami what was going on. They were suppose to wait in their car until Sami came back with the combination for both suitcases, after him and Peter were safely on the flight. Jahmir told Sami he was going with them and would wait just outside customs. Sami and Jahmir went back and forth almost getting into an argument but Jahmir finally got back in the car and the three men headed toward the airline doors. Once inside they headed to the customs area showed their tickets and passports and passed through with no issues. Then the man who was standing by the doors walked up to Sami handed him a passport and a ticket and both men passed through customs with Ben and Peter. Ben was about to say something but Peter looked at him and shook his head no. Ben and Peter started walking toward the gate their flight was ready for boarding.

Jahmir told Kasim he thought it was taking too long and he was going into the terminal. Kasim said to him it might be a trap and told Malid to go look in Sami’s car and see if he left the key in the ignition. Malid got out and walked over to Sami’s car and saw the key and returned. Jahmir told Kasim to look in the trunk of Sami’s car and see if the other suitcase was there. Kasim took the key from the ignition and checked the trunk, the suitcase was there. He told Jahmir and was told to get back in the car and follow them. Kasim asked how were they suppose to open the suitcases without the combinations. Jahmir told him they would drive to the camp and blow the locks off. Kasim got into Sami’s car and both cars drove out of the airport. Jahmir laughed and told Malid now they had another car to use as well as the money, they both laughed.

Ben, Peter, Sami and the two NOC agents all boarded the plane without issue. Once in the air Sami introduced himself to Ben and Peter. His name was Gary Samuels the other two men were Ron Hall and Joe Black all were NOC agents. Ben and Peter thanked them and ordered a round of drinks. “It was worth the money”, he said. Joe Black replied; “The money was counterfeit and both suitcases have C4 inside the linings. “Those ass holes probably found the other suitcase and took off and will blow the locks and themselves along with it. Ben smiled and the men toasted a job well done. They were on their way home. Once they landed in Germany Ben would call Janet and tell her he was fine and would be home in a day or two. When he got home he would tell her he was retiring from the NOC as was Peter.

Joe was right the three men drove into camp carrying the two suitcases with shouts of joy and laughter. They took the suitcases into the main tent and Jahmir wanted to take the first shot and he did.

Janet and Sam looked over all the other documents. The one that interested Sam was the one from Bens attorney stating the legal adoption of Janets baby girl to the Coles. Now it was Sams turn to start crying. Everything matched her birth, the date, the hospital her parents names there were even photos of the Coles with Samantha. Janet was crying Sam was crying they couldn’t believe what she was seeing. If the documents were legitimate then Janet was her mother. Sam wanted a DNA test done and so did Janet.

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