Kit Valentine, RN – Jessa Chase

I am liking this already. Looking forward to reading more. ☺☺

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Katherine “Kit” Valentine rode her bike to work every day, rain or shine, with very few exceptions. She loved riding through her small town and saying hello to her neighbors. Washington State had been her home her entire life, and she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

As she rode down Maple Street, she smiled and waved to her neighbor Mr. Abernathy, who was raking a mound of colorful leaves in his yard.

“Good morning, Kit my dear!” The old man shouted as she rode past.

“Good morning!” She shouted over her shoulder as she continued on. She wasn’t late to work yet, but she knew from experience that if she actually stopped and talked with Mr. Abernathy, she would be. The man could talk the ear off of anyone who had the time, and that morning in particular she did not have the time.

As she passed under the ancient…

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