When I am gone, will my shadow stay.

Will you see me walking beside your shadow under the moon.


Will the scent from flowers I liked remind you of me.


Will a gentle breeze across your face feel like a kiss from me.

When you hold an item I gave you will it feel like a hug from me.

When holidays come will I be remembered.

When you dream will I be there, and if I am,

is it really a dream, or could I be visiting you.

Speak to me with love in your voice, hug me whenever you can.

Hold me in your heart, forget about your pride

because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone and regret lasts a lifetime.

56 thoughts on “WHEN I AM GONE

  1. “…because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone and regret lasts a lifetime.”

    Well written, without bogging down. Your verse carries a graceful punch.

    I am so grateful that I learned early on about living life with ‘no regrets’. These past few years that’s been my mantra during Dad’s latter years and ultimately the litmus test after each encounter during his last months.

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  2. We always think we will have more time, and your words remind us to make the most of the time we have. At least I’ve seen the comforting signs of light my father shines confirming that he lives on in spirit as I knew he would.

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  3. I stumbled across this post at Twitter and I am glad I clicked on it…Loved every word, so beautifully carved with expectations and wishes, which often lie buried in our hearts! Wonderfully articulated, they carry a child-like charm!

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  4. A beautiful poem, Pat.

    I guess we all hope to be remembered with love, as we remember our own loved ones lost, their little foibles so heart-tugging in memory, handwriting dear on a fading page, places we were happy together special, their presence radiant in the very air.

    Aye, how important it is never to take for granted those close to us, to appreciate every moment, to be kind and understanding and show our love, for regrets do indeed last a lifetime, as you say.

    With warmest wishes from storm-tossed Wales – take care,


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  5. Thank you Paul, have missed you around here but I know you and Maureen are busy setting up house and now to hear the weather has gone wild is I imagine makeing it even tougher. Our weather hasn’t been great for the past week or so. Believe it or not it has been chilly, yes long sleeves and jackets until afternoon and then again in the evening the temp drops. Have been feverishly working on my blog in between visitors from the snow birds and the grandies. I lose my focus this time of year with so many interuptions but it is good to visit with everyone.
    Next week is the St. Ambrose School Carnival and of course we will all be attending over the weekend. I will probably put some of the weight back on that I have lost eating the Funnel Cakes but I have to do my bit to support my grand daughters school. hehehe, good escuse don’t you think?

    I hope the weather warms and the sun shines on your town soon. Please send my regards to Maureen and keep warm. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment.


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