Cold Case of the Dirty Snow

The Boy in the Wall will haunt your thoughts.


* Please note I have changed the names of those written of here. The story otherwise is fact and truth.

45 years later and I remember the boy in the wall.

It was February 1972 and the foster father was renovating what had been the hotel’s kitchen. His plan was to remodel the old kitchen into a games room with pool tables and pinball machines. He knew the camping children would be happy to pay to play. He was business savvy enough to know the children’s parents would finance the absence of their kids to enable them to enjoy adult activities. Camping kids would eventually rename the hotel with the games room “The Big House”.

I would silently chuckle years later when dealing with cops and Children’s Aid social workers, all expounding their beliefs Paolo, the foster father, was a “simple man, unable to hatch or carry out schemes or crimes.”


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