I’m Old, but Alive

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that little voice

I never thought about being old until I was.

I knew older folks, been around them all my life, but I didn’t dwell on the idea that I would someday be old myself.

Of course, I knew I would grow old, but I never worried about it. I was too busy living each stage of my life to wonder about the next phase.

What 7-year-old thinks about what life will be like when you become 40? And most 20 year olds don’t have time to contemplate the challenges facing a 60-year-old. Even as I saw my parents age and die, I didn’t internalize how I would look, how I would act, how I would live when I reached the age that we consider ‘old’.

I remember in college I asked a friend what her goals were following graduation. Her reply bumfuzzled me.

“I want to grow old gracefully,” she said.

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