To turn away or not – a poem

Wonderful poem by Robbie.

Robbie's inspiration


The beggar sat on the verge,

Looking old and stooped.

I saw the young jogger,

Circle back, making a loop.

A gift of life sustaining food,

What the jogger had in mind.

A look of pleasure crosses,

The beggar’s face, tired and lined.

Poverty surrounds us,

We greet it at every turn.

It seems to affront some,

Who kind actions do spurn.

Time has speed up,

The world is moving faster.

The global economic crisis,

Patched with a plaster.

The economy hasn’t healed,

If we peel the plaster away,

We know troubled times,

Certainly intend to stay.

We can’t solve the problem,

But we can play a small part.

By helping others whose lives,

Taste bitter and tart.

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