In the garden – a poem

Robbie's inspiration

You might like to know what happens in the garden after Sir Chocolate saves the day in Sir Chocolate and the sugar dough bees story and cookbook. We have told you a bit more in this poem:


The Orange Fruit Drop Fairy,

Checked on the recovering flower,

It’s colours bright and rich,

Restored by her healing power.

The buzzing of the bees,

Is like music to her ears,

She is filled with joy,

At the good work of her peers.

This flower is one of many,

Completely restored to health,

Each fairy tending a flower,

Working magic by herself.

The insects are busy,

In the garden they work,

They rush about their tasks,

There is no time to shirk.

The red spotted ladybird,

Is a good friend to the rose,

Gobbling unwanted aphids,

While the flower does repose.

The disciplined black ants,

In long lines they march,

Gathering food for winter…

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