I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my followers a very Happy Easter.

Happy Passover to those of you that are of the Jewish faith.

Happy Spring to all who celebrate in other ways.

In our family we celebrate Easter. It is a time for joy for us. We are Italian and follow the customs of our ancestors. It is a huge holiday.

eastertreats5 This is an Easter bread made by many mothers all over the world. The egg is believed to be a rebirth of life. It is also delicious.

I will be neglecting my blog and emails so I will apologize now because I will be busy baking and cooking and be contemplating what Easter means to me. We also have baskets for the children and flowers for the moms and dads.


I look forward to celebrating with my family and those that will call from Italy and across the U.S.  I also will be thinking about all of you and wishing you all a brilliant day.

I will try to pop in tomorrow in between my baking and cooking but if I don’t I will be back on Monday to enjoy reading you posts and sharing your stories.

Thank you all for being so beautiful and kind to me, I am humbled by your generosity.


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