Clara Hayes sat at her kitchen table sipping a cup of tea and reading the morning paper. She was enjoying the quiet and the sound of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the jetty’s that ran along the beach. It was the end of April and the crowds would soon be swarming to the small town of Cape May. The peaceful town would soon be filled with people for the summer. Her sister Lena wasn’t an early riser nor a morning person so Clara had the kitchen to herself. The sisters lived in a big Victorian house left to them by their parents. Both ladies were in their seventies and had lived in the big old comfortable house all of their lives, neither was ever married, however, they were not virgins either. They just returned from a trip to Atlantic City late last evening. Both sisters liked to play the slot machines and took several trips a year to visit the casinos. It was the one luxury they allowed themselves.

On the front page, the headline MAN FOUND DEAD IN HIS HOME. Clara was shocked to read that it was Clem Bristol. She and Lena had spoken to him before they left and he seemed the picture of health. Of course, he was also in his seventies but was a bright and active man. He lived a few houses down from her and Lena. Most of the homes on Beech St. were big Victorian homes built many years before. Clem kept his home in beautiful condition as he like Clara and her sister made their additional income renting rooms to the summer stock, as they were classified. When the crowds left after the season he was known to entertain quite a few lady friends but never married after his wife Isabella passed away from Cancer. They had one child, a two-year-old son, Jeffery. Clem raised Jeffery with help from his mother Rose until she passed when Jeffery was twelve. Clara thought him quite sexy but not that good in bed.

The newspaper said an autopsy was being done but there were no results yet. The paper stated that his Handy Man found him lying on his Parlor floor when he arrived to do some work and called the police. The article said that it was probably a natural death but Clara didn’t believe that for one minute. She would discuss it with her sister when Lena woke up. Something was fishy on Beech St. and she intended to find out what.

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