The Hayes sisters had a reputation for being busy bodies, however, they did help the police solve several cases.

Clara was the older of the two and had been quite a looker in her younger days. Lena was the timid one but was also attractive.

Lena did have a lover for several years but he left one night and she never saw him again, although she still talked about his return, which Clara thought was ridiculous but Lena held fast to her hope that Roger Sims would someday come looking for her. Clara had been engaged three times in her life and broke each one. Together they made quite a pair.

Clara was 73 and Lena was 71. They both aged well and kept themselves in good shape for their ages. They both made regular trips to the Beauty Bar (the local beauty parlor) to get their hair done and have manicures and pedicures.

They knew just about everyone in Cape May and what was going on with who.

At one o’clock they arrived at the Tea Room. The lunch crowd had started to dwindle so there was no wait. The atmosphere in the Tea Room was designed like an old Victorian dining room. Ornate pictures adorned the walls. Each table was covered with a white tablecloth and there was a lit candle on each one. The dinnerware and flatware were of the Victorian period as well. The food was excellent and they did offer a four o’clock tea. The sisters were happy to see Gloria was working that day and she was their server. “Good afternoon ladies”. She placed a menu down on the table in front of each sister.

“Can I get you something to drink while you decide what you want”?

“Good afternoon Gloria, yes I will have a cup of Irish Breakfast tea please”, replied Clara.

“I’ll have the same”, said Lena.

“Cream right”, said Gloria.

“Yes, thank you”, the ladies replied.

“Gloria, have you heard about Clem Bristol”?

“Yes, it was all over the news, everyone has heard. Didn’t you ladies know”?

“We have been away for just over a week. We just got back last night and I read it in the newspaper this morning”. Clara said. “He came in here quite often Gloria, didn’t he”.

“Yes, quite often. I’ll be right back with your tea”. She turned and walked away.

“She was a bit snippy, don’t you think Lena”?

“I thought she looked sad Clara”.

“We have got to get her alone so we can question her”.

“Oh, Clara, what could she possibly know about Clem’s death”.

“Still water runs deep Lena, very deep”.

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