“Lena, listen when Gloria comes back to take our order, just follow my lead. And, for goodness sake don’t get that wide-eyed look on your face. I have an idea and it just might work”.

“What idea”?

“She’s coming over, just follow my lead. I will tell you later, okay”? Gloria was at their table.

“Ready to order ladies”?

“Yes, I’ll have a Cobb Salad and a small bowl of that delicious Corn Chowder, thank you”. Clara replied.

“It is delicious chowder, I have it every time the chef makes it”, Gloria said. She then looked at Lena.

“I, um, I’ll have the same, thank you”.

“Gloria, before you put our order in I, heard that you were living at the Rock Hill B&B. How do you like it there”?

“It’s alright I guess, the room is pretty nice but it’s a little pricey and I have to take the bus to get here. If I work late I always have to bum a ride from someone to get home. I am looking around for a more affordable place, why do you ask”?

“Well, we have a spare room at our place that we never rent out because it was our mother’s room but you are such a pleasant girl and a great waitress and our house is so close you could walk here and we are right across from the beach”. Lena’s eyes shot open but Clara kicked her under the table and she put a big smile on her face.

“Yes! That’s a wonderful idea”. Lena said.

“I don’t think I could afford your price. I make pretty good money but I don’t think it’s enough to live in your beautiful house”.

“Oh, don’t be silly. We could never charge you for our dear mother’s room. You are such a lovely young lady. We will even throw in whatever meals you would be home for”.

“You mean I could live there at no charge? Are you just kidding me”?

“No, we’re not kidding. One thing though, do you have a boyfriend? It would be only for you not for two people”.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend and if you’re serious I’d love to move in. This is so kind of you, I can’t believe it. I’ll even help whenever I can when your summer rentals arrive”. She was smiling from ear to ear and Clara could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Thankyou, thankyou so much. I can’t believe this. It’s like a miracle. Let me put your order in ladies and lunch is on me”!

“There is one other thing Gloria”.


“We insist that you call us Clara and Lena”.

“Of course, if that’s what you would like”.

“Yes, we’d like that fine, wouldn’t we Lena”. Lena just smiled and shook her head yes. Gloria rushed off to put their lunch order in with a big smile on her face.

“Are you nuts”? Lena asked.

“Oh, please sis we will have her right where we want her. It is the perfect plan. Don’t you think”?

“No, I don’t think, what I think is you’ve lost your mind”.

“Lena, don’t be an old fuddy-duddy, this will be interesting and it will be nice to have a young person around. Next, we have to find out what the autopsy concludes. Then speak to Marcus Kent, maybe even invite him over for dinner. After we get the autopsy report of course”. Lena just shook her head and smiled. “You are unbelievable Clara Hayes. You’re nuts, you know that”.

“Shush, here comes our lunch, our free lunch I might add”.

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