“Here you are Ladies, two Corn Chowders, and two Cobb Salads”.

“Thank you, Gloria, we are famished aren’t we Lena”.

“Yes, famished”. Lena smiled.

“What time do you get off today Gloria”? Clara asked.

“Three o’clock”.

“Why don’t you come by our house and we can discuss your move”.

“That sounds good to me, are you sure about this Clara”?

“Of course we’re sure, right Lena”.

“Yes, of course”. With a wry smile.

“Thank you, I’ll be there around three fifteen, would that be alright”?

“That will be fine” Clara smiled. Gloria left to tend another table.

“Since when did we not rent out mother’s room”? Lena asked.

“Since today, and don’t say anything to Gloria about it. After we finish here let’s go see if Marcus is on duty, just to say hello”.

“Just to say hello? I wasn’t born yesterday Clara, and neither was Marcus”.

“Oh Lena, stop worrying it’ll give you wrinkles, or should I say more wrinkles”. The sisters started laughing. Gloria came to the table and asked if they were enjoying their lunch. Lena looked up and said in the sweetest tone she could conjure up.

“It’s delicious, thank you and the service is excellent. We are ready for the check, please”.

“Oh, no I told you this is on me. It’s the least I can do, I’ll see you both at 3:15 pm, and thank you again”. She left and headed toward the kitchen. “The least she could do, ha, said

“The least she could do, ha, said Lena and looked at Clara. The sisters started laughing again.

“You do beat all Clara”.

“You’re right there with me Sis and you know it”. More laughter. The ladies finished their meal, left a good tip on the table and said goodbye to Gloria.

“See you later dear”. Clara said in a sweet voice. As they walked toward the door Lena in a low voice said, “Nice touch”. About ten feet before they reached the door to leave, the door opened and in walked Jeffery Bristol. Clara was the first to speak. “Hello Jeffery, we were so sorry to hear about your father. We were away and just found out last night”. As she hugged him.

“Yes, so sorry Jeffery, if there is anything we can do please don’t hesitate to call us. We go back a long way and he was a good friend as was your mother God rest her soul”.

“Thank you, ladies. Right now I am just waiting for the autopsy report so I can put him to rest”.

“Will you be having a service for your dad”? Clara asked.

“Yes, but I have to wait until they release his body to me. Right now I just want to get a bite to eat. I am exhausted from answering questions at the police station and I’m starving”.

“Of course”. Clara replied. “Would it be alright to bring a nice home cooked meal to your house this evening. You are staying at home now, aren’t you”?

“Actually no, but the police said I could move in today. I wanted to get something to eat first”.

“Of course, you poor boy. Well don’t worry about dinner Lena and I will be over about 7:30 tonight with a nice hot meal and maybe even a nice piece of pie. Would you like that”?

“Thank you ladies, I look forward to seeing you tonight”. The sisters left. Outside Lena said; “And, who’s cooking this nice home cooked meal for Jeffery Clara”?

“Why you are Lena, you are a much better cook than I”.

“I figured that thanks a lot, Clara, we better go to the market and we can see Marcus tomorrow”.

“Okay, sis, whatever you say. You’re the boss”.

“Yeah right. We better hurry don’t forget pretty Ms. Gloria will be ringing our bell not too long from now. You do beat all Clara you know that”?

“Aw, you love it, Lena, you can’t-fool me” Again they laughed as they got into their car and headed toward the market.

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