Lena and Clara arrived home with the groceries. Two chickens, potatoes, and carrots. It would be an easy meal to fix and along with that, they purchased a brownie mix. Lena would add nuts and a bit of sour cream and no one would know they were from a box. She was an excellent cook. Within a half hour, the chickens were seasoned and in the over along with the potatoes, carrots and the pan of brownies.

Three thirty the bell rang. “Right on time”. Clara announced.

“Don’t give her the third degree right off Clara”.

“I won’t don’t worry, I don’t want her running off before we get to know her”. Lena answered the door.

“Gloria how nice to see you again, come in, come in.”

“Thank you, Lena. Your home is beautiful”.

“Than you dear, we do try to keep it in order. It’s been in the family for many years”. Clara appeared.

“Gloria come and sit in the drawing room, or would you like to see the room first”?

“If it’s alright I’d like to see the room”.

“Fine, just follow us”. The three headed up the stairs to the third floor. Clara opened the door to the room. “Well, here it is. What do you think”.

“It’s beautiful Clara. It’s so big and airy. Oh, my! It has a view of the ocean. It’s just gorgeous”. The room was painted a pale yellow, on one wall was a queen size bed with a light gray and pale yellow duvet. There was a nightstand on each side of the bed and a lamp on each one. Tow big windows directly on the opposite end of the room gave a view of the Atlantic Ocean. There was another window on the wall to the right that looked over the garden and you could see a couple of houses beyond the property. There was a nice walk in closet, a chest of draws, a sitting area with a love seat and small coffee table, a television and an on suite next to the closet. “This is gorgeous, I can’t believe you are letting me stay here for free. There has to be a catch. Is there a catch”? She looked at the sisters.

“No there’s no catch, just keep the room tidy and if you spill something on the carpet please tell us right away so we can have it cleaned. You will have to pay for cable if you want it and there will be a small charge for electric. In the summer we have a few women that come in and clean and cook for all of us, but Lena and I usually eat our meals in the kitchen. They will clean your room too so if you would like to tip them occasionally I am sure they would appreciate it”. Gloria’s eyes were as big as half-dollars, she was overwhelmed. “I’ll take it, and thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. But, why? Why are you letting me stay here without charging me? Lena shot Clara a nervous look.

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