Charley’s Tale Part 28


Ellen was ecstatic at the mountain of boxes Jessie brought.  Dresses for both girls, smocked, taffeta, bright gingham prints, sailor dresses, petticoats, panties and gowns with shoes and hats to match worked her into a frenzy.  Ellen ripped in, pulling out garment after garment, exclaiming joyously at some, tossing others over her shoulder in rejection.  Soon every surface in the room was covered.  “0h, I had one just like this when I was little!  Mother has the picture on her piano. Have you seen it?  It looks just like Ginny!   This little smocked dress is darling!  Can you shorten it like ShirleyTemple’s?” Suddenly, her eyes smoldered. “I wouldn’t put this sailor suit on a dog!  Get rid of it!  No, don’t take it back!  I said get rid of it!  I hate it!”  In a fury, she ripped the collar off and threw it on the floor an ground…

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