When Clara arrived home Lena was having breakfast. “Clara, please don’t tell me you’re playing detective again”.

“I am just trying to make sure Clem died of a heart attack or if he was murdered”.

“According to the autopsy, he had a heart attack”.

“Lena did you know that if someone gave you an overdose shot of Potassium Chloride you

could die”?

“No, I didn’t know that”.

“It’s true”. Clara handed Lena the extra copy of the information she gave to Marcus Kent. Lena read it and looked at Clara. “Oh my goodness, Clara, are you thinking someone did this to Clem”?

“It’s possible”.

“But, who would want to kill Clem. Everyone liked him”.

“There is a possibility that someone didn’t, Lena”.


“A disgruntled son, a lady friend that was jealous. I don’t know for sure but Clem was a healthy active man and I can’t believe he just had a heart attack out of the blue. I gave a copy of that sheet to Marcus, he is going to talk to the coroner and make sure he examined Marcus’s body thoroughly. He promised to call me with the result”.

“Do you think Jeffery would do that to his own father”?

“I don’t know Lena but anything is possible”.

“What about Gloria”?

“What about her”.

“She is moving in tomorrow remember”?

“Yes, I know Lena but what has this got to do with her? She’s only been in Cape May for about six or seven months. She really didn’t know Clem that well. Why would she do something like that, and don’t mention this to her when she moves in tomorrow, I don’t want to scare her away”.

“Ok, Ok, I won’t say a word”.

Gloria finished her shift at the Tea Room and took the bus back to her room. She was all packed and couldn’t wait for the morning. She would have a beautiful room in one of the finest homes in Cape May and at no cost to her, except for Cable and electric. She was over the moon. And, she would be living practically next door to Jeff Bristol. She was over the moon. What luck, she thought.

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