Today I would like to introduce a lovely lady, her name is Catherine De Wolf. She is an internet friend of mine for several years now. She writes beautiful poetry and designs jewelry. Her talent is amazing and her work is superb. Cathy is a kind and generous woman is married and lives in Oregon.

One day I received a package from Cathy and couldn’t imagine why? When I opened said package it contained a beautiful necklace. I did, of course, get in touch with her through Facebook and thanked her for the wonderful gift. She has a bright and sunny disposition and loves her chosen field, which of course is designing jewelry. Her prices are reasonable and her work is beautiful. There are no two pieces the same, a definite plus for her customers.

The following are some examples of her products. All were designed and made by Cathy.


BIRD neck.

This is my necklace and I love wearing it. It is beautiful and delicate. And, it is one of a kind. I have had many compliments on my custom necklace and hope you enjoy viewing Cathy’s designs.

The following are pieces that are available. Cathy will also design a necklace especially for you. There are no two the same. They are reasonably priced and also one of a kind. Wouldn’t that be a great gift to give someone you care about?

Necklaces and flowers 7-4-15 001

The Medalion and pearls on this one are also favorites of mine.

thumbnail_Necklace Lyns Asian goldfish


thumbnail_20160909_133937 (1) (2) (1)


thumbnail_Necklace Shitsu

thumbnail_Necklaces auction Pegasus 1

Cathy can be reached at;

Cathrine De Wolf Custom Jewelry Design

Phone #; 541 344 0229

If you call EST please remember there is a time zone difference.



    • I think she is, I love my necklace, and have gotten many compliments on it. I talked her into setting up a Word Press page and she is now working on it. I hope she does well. She also makes jewelry for men which I didn’t know when I posted the piece, but, I told her to include all that on her blog. Thanks again lovely lady. xo

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